TETRA network construction for the 2014 Olympics comes to the finish line

The company "RadioTel" (part of the group of companies "Tetrasvyaz"), a federal services of a professional radio operator, announces the release of the final stage of the main building and assembly works planned in the amount of the third phase of construction of a TETRA network for the 2014 Olympics.

The construction of telecommunication facilities of the third stage of network construction underway in the area of the mountain cluster, and the Imereti lowland areas of Olympic facilities. In anticipation of the new 2012 beacons were lit by 14 antenna towers in height from 50 to 78 meters. Construction is carried out strictly in accordance with the calendar approved by state regulatory agency, the completion of construction works is planned for the second quarter of this year.

In the third phase in the construction of antenna towers in the Sochi National Park, the unique technology of construction, which allows using the jack-up crane mounted on antenna towers, greatly shorten the construction of off-road and without harming the environment.

The most difficult from a technical and organizational point of view, was the installation of a base station TETRA network at a record altitude — 2125 m above sea level. To solve this technologically difficult task, to work a group of highly qualified professionals who specialize in the construction of high-risk facilities in the highlands, which met with a jeweler’s precision helicopter assembly facility.

Several built in the mountain cluster antenna towers will be used by telecom partners the 2014 Olympics, including the safety of the test events that will be held in Sochi in February 2012

 "Construction of the TETRA network is entering the home straight: more than 85% of the total volume of construction work currently performed. In the new year we will have the most crucial stage — complete commissioning work at the facilities network TETRA, as well as putting the network in operation. Thus, in 2012 the TETRA network will be completely ready to host the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, "- says the press-service of the company.

Construction Coordination TETRA network in Krasnodar region performed by the Federal Communications Agency (FAC) and the State Corporation "Olimpstroy" according to the Program for Construction of Olympic Venues and Development of Sochi as a mountain resort.

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