Tetrasvyaz began the final stage of construction of the TETRA network for 2014 Olympics

The company "Tetrasvyaz" (in the person of JSC "RadioTel"), a federal services of a professional radio operator, signed a government contract for the design, survey and construction work on the third phase of building a network of professional radio TETRA standard for the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.
Coordination of network construction is carried out by the Federal Communications Agency (FAC) and the State Corporation "Olimpstroy" according to the Program for Construction of Olympic Venues and Development of Sochi as a mountain resort.
As part of the government contract work will be carried out on the construction and installation of 21 base stations, media server, 5 dispatch consoles and two mobile base stations. The third phase will cover the area directly bordering areas of Olympic facilities in the mountain cluster and Imereti lowland, including ski complex "Rose Farm". The completion of all work on the construction of a network TETRA, commissioning of equipment and commissioning of network facilities are planned for the second half of 2012
"Building a network of professional radio TETRA, which will serve as a key element in ensuring the safety of facilities and guests of the Winter Olympics — a major project for the implementation of which uses the latest technology and the most experienced professionals are involved. This is a prime example of efficient and effective partnership between government and business in the field of telecommunications, "- says the president of the company" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.
Construction of TETRA radio network is divided into three stages, at each stage has been positive conclusion of the state ecological and technical expertise. In the period from 2009 to 2010. in the Krasnodar Territory in the first and second phase of construction, were built 59 base stations and 2 CMC. Currently, all of the objects delivered to the customer-builder without comment.
The network of professional radio standard TETRA will be one of the largest in Eastern Europe and will cover all of the objects that will be used during the Olympic Games, the key highways Black Sea coast, as well as the direction of Krasnodar — Dzhugba. Network being built on the basis of which services will be provided, data and Monitoring for government, law enforcement, emergency services and commercial users, will be one of the most important components of a regional telecommunications infrastructure of the Krasnodar Territory.

"Tetrasvyaz" — a leading Russian systems integrator and network, the federal operator services based on GLONASS / TETRA geography and number of subscribers, with extensive experience and broad capabilities to implement large-scale telecommunications projects, own solutions for different market segments. In 2007, joined the consortium ATGroup. Area professional presence covers 40 regions, more than 100 cities of Russia.

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