Tetrasvyaz completed the establishment of a professional radio for Protection Barrier St. Petersburg Flood

 Photo source:group-atg.ru

The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" federal services of a professional radio operator, announces the completion of works to create professional operational radio for the Protection Barrier St. Petersburg Flood (St. Petersburg Dam).
The complex flood protection barrier is located in the Neva Bay Gulf of Finland. Strategy for the St. Petersburg facility is designed to protect the population and the infrastructure of the city from the water rise up to 5 meters. The complex consists of 11 dams, navigation passes 2 and 6 culverts, highway, which was put on the crest of the dam, and the unique underwater tunnel. The total length of the Complex is 25.4 kilometers. The opening ceremony of the Complex, which took place August 12, 2011, attended by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
For the purposes of Protection Barrier group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" was a system of professional radio TETRA, functioning throughout the complex, including internal work space culvert and navigation openings, as well as in the transport tunnel under the sea channel. In these structures for TETRA radio equipment with the unique system of radio relay and amplification to ensure stable operation of the radio stations even at the highest mark of a tunnel (- 24 m).
Working in a unified communication system TETRA provides reliable communication and harmonious coordination of technical and management services involved in serving the GLC. Subscribers of the St. Petersburg dam integrated into a single system of operational trunked radio (ESOTR), created by "Tetrasvyaz" and uniting the city and agency-duty service in St. Petersburg. Thus, subscribers can instantly Dam contact centers management and operational services of the city in an emergency.
"Complex structures protecting St. Petersburg from flooding — is a unique and complex hydraulic structure, requiring us to unconventional approach in the construction of a professional radio TETRA and careful planning and organization of work in all phases of the project. Given its strategic importance to the security of the Complex of St. Petersburg, the solution proposed "Tetrasvyaz" provides a margin of three-time bandwidth base station and provides enhanced fault tolerance, "- says the president of the group of companies" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.
The company "Tetrasvyaz" is the largest operator in the North-West region of the network of professional radio standard TETRA, which currently covers St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas of the North-West region, covering nearly 50,000 square kilometers Participants in the network are the security of banks and institutions, government organizations, businesses and industrial complexes that provide a wide range of communications services, including monitoring of mobile objects on the basis of domestic satellite system GLONASS.

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