Tetrasvyaz provided technical solutions for building communication systems and alert at nuclear facilities

 Photo source:group-atg.ru

The company "Tetrasvyaz" provided technical solutions for building communication systems and alert at nuclear power facilities in the field meeting with the Council of Communication Workers of "Rosenergoatom". The main issue of the meeting was the development of a unified technical policy in the field of integrated communication and warning system for nuclear power plants.

In the framework of the meeting of experts of "Tetrasvyaz" spoke about the company’s experience in the field of communication systems at the facilities of strategic importance. One of the success of the projects — the organization of a professional radio on objects Protection Barrier St. Petersburg Flood (St. Petersburg Dam).

Special attention was paid to the company’s technical solutions that can be used in the construction of communication systems and alert at nuclear power plants: monitoring solutions for stationary and moving objects, organization of warning systems for defense and emergency signals, creating a mobile base station.

Council members also signalmen were informed about the new network TETRA, deployed by "Tetrasvyaz" in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Subscribers with access to a wide range of communications services, including monitoring services on the basis of the Russian GLONASS satellite system. TETRA professional mobile radio to nuclear ensure efficient, reliable and sustainable interaction of technical and management services, nuclear power plants, will organize a timely warning and rapid implementation of measures for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, provide dispatch and emergency control technology and nuclear power plants.

"Russian nuclear energy is an active consumer of modern information and communication technologies and services. Specificity of the industry requires a scalable, flexible and reliable solutions that enable efficient management and security technology and production processes. The company "Tetrasvyaz" has the experience, expertise and unique technical solutions to create a full-featured communications systems and the provision of quality services in accordance with the standards and requirements established for the objects of strategic importance, including the nuclear facilities, "- says the president" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.

The meeting was held in Pine Forest on the basis of the Leningrad nuclear power plant. In the Council’s Communication Workers representatives of the central unit and the Crisis Center of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom", experts communications services ten operating nuclear power plants in Russia and Leningrad NPP-2, as well as a number of leading industry companies. The meeting summed up the results of a comprehensive system of communication and control the operation of nuclear power plants in Russia in 2010 and designated tasks for the current year.

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