Texas tornado surprised all huge hailstones

Texas tornado surprised all huge hailstones Weather and Climate

8 km to the south-east of Hale Center hail in the U.S. state of Texas there was a tornado. Funnel brought to the staff terrible weather and hailstones the size of which is comparable with the ball for baseball. Diameter of some specimens in the early onset of the tornado reached 5 cm appeared later hailstone about 7 cm in diameter.

Such huge ice formations could not prevent damage to private property. Glass many cars parked in the parking lot near the center, were broken or cracked. In neighboring Tulie and Kresse few minutes passed as hail, but there it was not so huge and had no time to do any harm.

Bye to the Hale Center, a tornado struck the second blow to the area, 13 km west of the fiber. But by the time he had lost some of its strength and was not able to surprise the locals great hail. But power failures district Hale were provided. Because of this, even had to move the football match.

Tornado came through strong atmospheric systems based on the plateau large pool, which was later moved to the Rocky Mountains. Next, the system has met with huge reserves of water next to the Gulf of Mexico, which has contributed to the emergence of a funnel with hail.

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