Thailand after the typhoon and floods threaten China

Thailand after the typhoon and floods threaten China Natural Disasters

As the official Thai sources, 10 out of 77 provinces are affected by flooding. To date, the excess water from affecting more than 157,000 people in the country of more than 63 thousand families. Water damaged the 1333 villages of 31 Thai district, located mainly in the central and eastern Thailand.

By Flooding prepared and China. This time the threat comes from a typhoon Dzhelavat that comes close to a. Taiwan. Chinese national meteorological centers already declared "orange" Danger code that precedes the highest "red" code. This decision had to accept the fact that the wind is in the northwest of the South China Sea and south of the East China Sea reached an abnormally high rate.
Typhoon temporarily in 460km southeast g.Hualyan about. Taiwan, and is moving to the northwest at a speed of 10-15 km / h All ships and other marine vehicles in the specified areas of the sea, it is recommended to return to the harbor.

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