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Anatoly Stepanov, "Russia is doomed to be an empire"

Editor in chiefRNLabout saying the deputy Yegor Matveenko and about who the Russian …

As reported, scandal caused statement Amur United Russia deputy Yegor Matvienko, who at the opening ceremony of passports g.Raychihinsk students in the Amur region, said that "there is no such nationality as Russian," "however, there is a Russian citizen. This statement provoked a storm of criticism, andProsecutor Raichikhinsk already organized checking into the allegations E.Matveenko

This incident says editor in chief "Russian folk line"Anatoly Stepanov

Statement by the representative of the "United Russia" from the distant town Raichihinsk in the Amur region demonstrates, in my opinion, two things.

First, it is — a good result of experiments in the education system, which is carried out for several years, officials Minobra. Here we see the fruits of this education: a relatively young man shows a surprising ignorance, stating that there is no such nation as a Russian.

Secondly, it is — the result of a massive propaganda of the notorious tolerance, which is imposed to society in recent times. Is it any wonder that the United Russia Yegor Zhumashevich Matvienko, who also appears on a patronymic (and visually it is easy to understand) is not an ethnic Russian, contracted the most tolerance? Foreigner by birth, has not received due to the fault of the education reformers normal historical education, he apparently does not know how to express their thoughts. Indeed, judging by everything, he meant to say that he, too, is a Russian, he is proud to be a citizen of the great Russian. But put it this way, it turned out, as they say, is exactly the opposite.

Anyway, what to take with young half-Nanai or semi-Buryat, who grew up in an era of constant change unfortunate in the education system. I’m more sad when faced with statements ethnic Russian, people are quite educated and well-meaning themselves, but who are also infected with the plague of tolerance and try to avoid in his speech Russian word, replacing it with the word Russia. And while they do not realize that in this way they cause great harm to our country, the prospects of Russia. After all, if we accept imposed on us by trying to name only the Great Russian people and the Russian Federation, by the same token, we do recognize that the Little Russians and Belarusians are not Russian, we reduce ourselves, truncate Russian people. Put a cross on the prospects of recovery in the Historic Great Russian borders of the Russian Empire.

Recently ‘Russian folk line‘ReleasedCD "Russian heroes". During the presentations, public meetings have often had to explain why we are calling it "Russian heroes" instead of "Heroes of Russia" or "Russian heroes." It is because the concept of "Russian" includes not only the citizens of the Russian Federation, but also the citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and all those who, like the hapless Raichikhino United Russia Yegor Zhumashevicha Matveenko are half-breeds, but nevertheless carry Russian language and probably identify themselves as Russian people. This feature of the Russian mentality, this feature of the concept of Russian.

History of Russia, the territory on which the Lord judged live and develop Russian people, led to the fact that not wrest from the concept of "Russian" of those foreigners who have absorbed the Russian culture, for which the Russian language became the mother tongue. Therefore, you can not create the notorious Russian republic’s ethnic Russian state. So — Russia is doomed to be an empire, that is, to remain until the end of the Third Rome.

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