The aircraft carrier Vikramaditya during the test exceeded expectations

On board the Russian modernized in the Indian aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" in the next week will begin test flights of the wing deck-based fighters MiG-29K

"Experts" Sevmash ", which was built aircraft carrier, are highly satisfied with the fact that in the course of which began on June 8 sea trials required driving characteristics of the ship is not only sustained, but even exceeded," said a source in the shipbuilding industry.

He noted that the ship operates a Russian crew aboard the aircraft carrier is commissioning team, representatives of the "Sevmash" and the officers of the Indian Navy, which, as it happens in such cases, "sometimes interfere with Russian sailors and confused at their feet."

The source said that next week, "Vikramaditya" will take a course from the White Sea to the Barents Sea, where it will begin test flights of deck-based air groups on board Russian deck-based fighters MiG-29K.

Earlier, the official representative of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Kravchenko said that the factory aircraft carrier sea trials planned to test the basic operation of ship systems and components, main and auxiliary power systems, communication and navigation systems. The testing program is designed for 124 days.

On the Packet intergovernmental agreement signed in New Delhi in January 2004, the body of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" was given to the Indian side for free from the condition of its upgrade to "Sevmash" and the equipment of Russian-made air group. Russia will also undertake training of Indian crew of an aircraft carrier and will create an infrastructure-based ship in the Indian Ocean.

Since 2004, the Nevsky PKB, "Sevmash", counterparties was made an enormous amount of work: the ship is equipped with a deck and a springboard for the take-off of the MiG-29K, renovated and converted to new housing task cruisers full of advanced equipment, systems and mechanisms laid new cable runs total length of more than two thousand miles. The aircraft carrier has received new navigation and radar systems, complex communication and control aircraft. As a result, in fact, was created entirely new ship.

Review of Indian experts, the transfer of the aircraft carrier Indian Navy will lead the country to a new level, surpassing the combat capabilities of the naval forces of any country in the region.

After the repair and refurbishment of aircraft carrier full load displacement was 45 tons, maximum length — 283.5 m, maximum width — 59.8 m The ship can carry 30 aircraft, including carrier-based fighters MiG-29K helicopters. The number of crew — 1924 people.

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