The American Dream has led Americans to Hell

The website "End of the American Dream"Recently published a new article on the topic of human rights and freedoms in the United States. Their unnamed author highlighted some features of management, implemented by the U.S. government. In articles with rich examples (and many links) analyzed: a) technology supervision of citizens, and b) "Gestapo" tactics against homeowners in the United States, and c) the reasons which have made American streets in hell.

If possible, briefly consider that, in the opinion of the Americans themselves, turning America into a nightmare.

I. Technology "Big Brother"
The Times of Big Brother in the United States came the same — as it had predicted more than sixty years ago George Orwell.

Most of us do not think about it, the author writes, but the truth is something that the surveillance capabilities, tracking and control of today much more than at any time in human history. The rapid growth of information technology in recent years has allowed governments, spy agencies and large corporations use such means of observation, which despots and dictators in the past could only dream of.

Previous generations did not have to deal with security cameras, a UAV, not to mention the fact that even the street lights and refrigerators can spy. Not far off is the era where things like privacy, simply disappear. Big Brother has penetrated everywhere. Thousands of new technologies, says the author of the article, currently in development, and they will do espionage and spying on us even easier. The world is changing for the worse.

The author highlights some of the "horrific" surveillance technology used by the modern "Big Brother." Following are the most interesting.

Surveillance cameras «Pre-Crime». The company «BRS Labs» has developed such a surveillance camera, which can allegedly "to a crime" to determine you are a terrorist or criminal, before you commit a crime. "It sounds crazy? — Asks the author. — Well, the authorities are taking this technology seriously. "

Dozens of cameras installed on major transportation routes in San Francisco. Now «BRS Labs» masters in San Francisco subway: cameras will be installed at 12 stations, up to 22 cameras on each one, eventually bringing the total to 288. They will be able to track up to 150 people at a time in real time, and gradually increase the "memory" of suspicious behavior.

Fingerprints — at a distance of 6.1 meters. This technology already exists (POPSCI). The company «IDair» (Hanvisll, Alabama) is developing a system that can scan and identify fingerprints at a distance of nearly 6.1 meters.

It is assumed that the security system can allow or deny access, for example, in the office, at a distance. It does not require a person to stop and scan fingerprints, or check ID. At present, the main customer «IDair» is the military. However, the company plans to implement and commercial projects.

All of love. The U.S. military is literally want to be able to capture your mind. In theory, this will allow them to non-violently to convince the terrorists that terrorists be good. Obviously, the potential for abuse of such technology is extremely large.

Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects Pentagon (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA) wants through research to understand what makes people violent, and then find ways to implantation in the brains of false but plausible stories. Thus the military hope to arouse their enemies peaceful thoughts: "We are friends, we are not enemies." Formation in the minds of brutal personalities (different insurgents, radicals, terrorists) "plausible stories" must turn enemies into the soft and fluffy citizens eager friendship.

UAVs to guard democracy. Law enforcement agencies across the United States have begun to use drones to spy on citizens. The Department of Homeland Security launched a program to "facilitate and accelerate the adoption of" small UAV for police and security authorities will actively seek greater use of unmanned aerial vehicles for use by local authorities. The author believes that America will soon be considered quite normal drones overhead.

Only in 2011 the forces of law and order is made 1,300,000 requests for mobile subscribers. Law enforcement agencies are using cell phones Americans to spy on them. (Details are already described in the "Military Review").

Microchips RFID. Most Americans do not realize it, but the RFID microchips steadily become a part of their lives: they contain many credit and debit cards. Many Americans are at work using security card, which also contain RFID-chip.

One school system in Texas plans to use RFID-microchips for tracking the movement of students. And in District Northside supposed to track students in the next academic year in the two campuses using technology implanted in student tickets identifiers. Ultimately, there is supposed to involve all 112 school districts and about 100,000 students.

Scanning license plates. Automated license plate readers used in the U.S. to track the movement of the vehicle from the moment of his arrival in Washington until the time when he leaves town. More than 250 cameras scan license plates to help police identify stolen cars and escapes assassins. However, the program has expanded slowly, according to the author — without public discussion. Police keeps the information from the cameras, creating databases, documents the movement of millions of vehicles.

Software on the "face reading". And this technology is rapidly developing. Soon, perhaps, it will be implemented.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing software that can read a person's feelings on his face. Interestingly, in some cases even surpass the computers of people.

Street lights — also spies. This, says the author, is really going on.

The new "high-tech" street lights that can really observe your actions and eavesdrop on you (and take notes), have been installed in some large U.S. cities. Ideologist of the introduction of such lamps is the DHS (Department of Homeland Security United States. — A. Ch.)

Day on July 12. Nothing on the Internet is not private. If you download copyrighted software, videos and music, the provider will supervise you. From July 12, the country's largest providers was voluntarily introduced a new anti-piracy plan actually represents the largest digital spying scheme in history. Channel capacity of some users will be completely blocked — as long as they do not sign an agreement that they will not download copyrighted materials.

The plan was implemented through the mediation of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and is now coordinated by the Obama administration.

Refrigerators and spies. Do not laugh. After all, as evidenced by the director of the CIA David Petraeus.

Mr. Petraeus says that web connected devices are transforming the art of espionage: allow people to control automatically, without errors, revealing not only attempts to burglary, but even donning a tuxedo — to get to dinner.

It is, according to Petraeus, the new technologies, the aim of which is to add processors and web connection to the "dumb" before home appliances: refrigerator, microwave, and lighting systems.

II. "Gestapo" against American homeowners

The brutal Gestapo tactics used against homeowners across America, says the author. If earlier the purchase of land with the house was part of the American dream, then now the ownership of the house and the land seemed to be turned into a relative term. Everything to the smallest detail, is regulated and controlled, from the meetings and the number of guests in our house to order the use of real estate. The use of property "outside the rules" is punishable by what some local regulations or "code violations." America is not a country of free people.

In your home can break, the code you are sleeping and yell at us for any reason — for example, that the grass in your home is too high.

Older Americans are often evicted from their homes — for non-payment of property tax. This is happening all over America. In some cases, it is the amount of only a few hundred dollars. Large banks, such as the «Bank of America» and «JP Morgan Chase», buying tax liens across the country: they are very profitable — can bring income up to 50% per annum. Homeowners have to take part in these frauds, sanctified by law, and to pay extremely high interest rates and fees to redeem their property and thus avoid foreclosure. This scheme allows the bank to someone quickly put together a whole state.

In many cases, the author points out, older Americans do not even realize what's going on … They are forced to leave their homes just so, and then "investors" make "quick money."

Here are some examples. 81-year-old woman from Rhode Island owes some $ 474. Corporation bought her house on the tax auction for … 836 dollars and 39 cents. The woman was evicted from the house in which she lived for more than 40 years, and the corporation immediately resold the house for $ 85,000. In Montana, there was a similar case of a woman who owed taxes of $ 5,000. She was evicted from her home, having lost about $ 150,000.

Shame and fraudsters author exclaims that do all this, and the state, which does not change its laws — to ensure that this does not happen!

If you decide to improve your home or remodel it, decorate it, you will not be good, too.

For example, the American Mr. Hoffman (the owner of the tea business) forty years ago has started to realize its grand architectural design: construction began, dug in the valley near the slope of the pond, built a tea house, decorated with dragons and a slate roof, and built a tower over the pit. However, the authorities did not like it all, and they decided that Mr. Hoffman must all carry, and even pay up to August this year, fines totaling more than $ 200,000.

The author gives other examples. In the U.S., a homeowner can cut down the garden and pull out of the plant.

Denise Morrison grew more than 100 varieties of plants on her front and back yards. Back in August of last year, Morrison grew lemons, stevia, garlic, onions, grapes, strawberries, apple, mint, walnuts and more. This garden was her life, and medicine. "But the government thugs — the author writes, — left her with nothing."

However, sadly notes the author, instead of talking about the destruction of our rights and freedoms, our major news channels like obsessed with Tom Cruise or Kim Kardashian.

"This is really disgusting — the author writes. — Owning a piece of land and build a house — is the basis for the functioning of a free society. Even in the most ancient societies understood this. "

According to the author, the most basic freedoms in America are disappearing — every day.

Journalist ends his article with these words: "After our freedoms disappear, they would be incredibly difficult to return."

III. Welcome to Hell!

The third article describes the reasons why the American streets turn into a living hell. Whereas before, the author notes, the United States was a safe country with beautiful cities, which were the envy of the world, now many of these cities are degenerate, becoming ulcers and hotbeds of crime.

United States has the highest rate of illicit drug use worldwide. Hence the many gangs, making money on drugs.

For example, in Chicago, 200 police officers oppose gangs numbering approximately 100,000 participants (500 to 1). The FBI estimates that the number of gang members in the United States has increased since 2009 by 40 per cent and that at the present time, a total of 1,400,000 valid in America bandits.

Crazy zombies. Recently, under the influence of drugs has increased the number of crimes across the United States. All have heard about the so-called zombie attacks, when criminals attacked people and tried to eat them.

The author notes another trend: many of these addicts commit their crimes naked. For example, in Florida, a naked man was furious and gnawing a piece of the stomach in the other person. Police took him in the morning at 4.30, he sat in the house of the victim in a pool of urine.

Another naked "zombie", 25-year-old Andrew Carreiro, is now behind bars for the murder of 62-year-old woman in a motel room cleaner «Hacienda Inn» (California). Witnesses say they found Carreiro in the blood, as he stood next to the partially nude body of a woman.

America evening: «Jersey Shore» in reality. America loves a party, the author writes. In a country where even the Secret Service agents behave like a rock star, do not be surprised that the party out of control across the country.

For example, in New Jersey, a new problem, which is engaged in the law: urinating and defecating on the background of public drunkenness. Some people watch the channel MTV «Jersey Shore», but think that this just does not happen in real life. It happens!

In some towns along the Jersey shore now "invaded the hordes of people," said the author, who want to lead a life on «Jersey Shore». The results, of course, absolutely dreadful.

Dave … Savanyaro, reaching his home in Point Pleasant Beach (90 minutes from Manhattan), was not prepared to see such a terrible picture. On his site mocheispuskalos whole society. Was littered with beer bottles entire lawn. The screaming crowd partied on its territory after the close of the next bar at 2 am. The couple in front of his home had sex …

Violence against children in the United States: more than 3 million messages each year. America is "the leader". Basically we are talking about sexual harassment. Many people across the United States, says the author of the pain, so ill that it is difficult to even find the words to describe how awful this is.

Today, it is estimated that in the United States, one out of every four girls is sexually abused before reaching adulthood.

"How do we as a nation could sink so low?" — Asks the author.

One person in the state of Wisconsin, said he recently brutally killed his three young daughters — right in the home of his ex-wife.

This is not an isolated case. All over the world, the United States has the highest mortality rate of children from ill-treatment.

Among the causes of child abuse author calls "an explosion of pornography" on the Internet. Law enforcement officials estimate that about 600,000 Americans and about 65,000 Canadians are involved in trading dirty child pictures online.

The other day in Texas, according to the authorities, was rescued 11 children. Above them, in the same house bullied criminal (some tied to beds).

Not only children in America are raped, but wives and girlfriends, The author continues.

Recently, it was reported that one man from West Virginia was holding his wife in chains for nearly ten years, turning it into a slave.

Widespread looting. Youth groups come together and rob stores across the country. Dozens of people stormed the shop and take whatever they want. Stop them impossible: there are too many.

Police corruption corrodes. Unfortunately, according to the author, it seems that the police in America has become more corrupt and more brazen than ever.

Recently, the Seattle Police has applied three times to stun pregnant woman — after her refusal to sign a ticket for violating traffic rules.

In Georgia, a police officer recently kicked woman, who was eight months pregnant — kicked right in the stomach. Surprisingly, his bosses at the local police station defended his actions.

A police officer from Philadelphia was arrested on charges that he kidnapped 14-year-old girl, raped her and told her to watch him have sex with a prostitute.

Human Trafficking in America. It's big business. This 32,000,000,000 dollars turnover worldwide, and it is an industry that is growing rapidly in the United States.

Across America today, "pimps" forced young girls to have sex with strange men in hotels, truck and alleys.

CNN reporter witnessed as a pimp and a prostitute working on the truck stop in North Carolina.

A woman dressed in baggy athletic shorts, white T-shirt with curly hair … Her fat middle-aged pimp sitting nearby in the red "Honda", watching his girls moved from the truck to the truck — in broad daylight … Do truck driver and Girls There are 10 minutes trying to make the case.

This service has already reached epidemic proportions in the United States, says the author.

According to «Daily Mail», the FBI recently rescued 79 sex slaves between the ages of 13 and 17 years across the United States — and it's only for three days …

During the operation in 57 U.S. cities — including Atlanta, Sacramento and Toledo, Ohio — were arrested 104 alleged pimp.

"America is very sick — sad author — and our city every day continue to get worse."

Unfortunately, he says, most Americans do not think about it. Most spend their time on entertainment and interested in life Jennifer Lopez.

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