The An-70 is ready for a joint state tests, followed by the serial production

According to its own UNIAN correspondent in Russia, this Ukrainian journalists said the test pilot of the first class of "Antonov", the commander of the AN-70, presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, Andrew Thank you. "To date, we have completed the pre-test phase and act brought about the readiness of aircraft to undergo joint state tests with the Russian Federation. In other words, on the other hand, we have completed all the finishing phase of the aircraft and hope that the state tests will begin in the near future ", — he said. Aircraft Commander noted that to date, eliminated all problems and the plane presented in a completely new modernized form, may extend to joint state tests. According to him, the state tests are carried out joint Ukrainian-Russian crew with the participation of representatives of the ministries of defense of both countries. Thank noted that all will endeavor to hold the state tests as quickly as possible so you can start serial production of the aircraft.

However, he stressed that comparing the An-70 transport aircraft with Russian Il-476 is incorrect, since they occupy different niches. "Our AN-70 is a niche where the IL-476 may not show themselves. AN-70 — it’s a plane short takeoff and landing. We can haul cargo on unprepared airfields or platform length of 700 m Herein lies its uniqueness, "- said the pilot, and added that for the IL-476 need unpaved airfields. Thank you said that this is why the An-70 is in no way to oppose the aircraft IL-476. He is convinced that alternatives to the An-70 is not due to its unique performance characteristics. "At the MAKS-2013, we arrived to show that the car is finished and ready for further work. We have obligations to the Russian side met in full, "- he stressed. Thus Thank noted that the EU was trying to create a similar plane as the A-400M, but this attempt was not entirely successful, and their aircraft in performance was worse than the An-70. "This suggests that the AN-70 is needed, this is a unique and up-to aircraft for the armed forces," — he stressed. Aircraft Commander also said that preliminary tests have participated pilots of the Defense Ministry and they were satisfied with the joint flight. "I hope that they are the impressions donesut to their leadership," — said thank you.

On Tuesday morning, the first day of the MAKS-2013, the An-70 had two training flight on Wednesday it planned demonstration flight. Also on show will be on display An-2-100. UNIAN reference. The An-70 is a new generation medium military transport aircraft short takeoff and landing. The An-70 can carry the entire range of military airmobile and engineering machinery almost all armies in the world and deliver it to a poorly prepared ground sites, ie directly to the site of the operation. According to calculations, the An-70 will be based on the mountain airfields located at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level.

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