The Arctic is melting, colder in Europe

The Arctic is melting, in Europe colder Facts

Record loss of Arctic ice, recorded this summer may bring a cold winter in the British Isles and northern Europe. This has already happened in other years, such as in 2007 and 2011, when the summer was observed intense loss of ice cover in the Arctic.

The speed and volume of melting ice broke the record in 2007, the difference was comparable in size to the area of Texas. It is noteworthy that the polar experts were convinced that such a rapid melting will not be repeated for many decades, but global warming has given itself felt again in five years.
While snow and ice in Antarctica melted, open land and the water absorbed heat from the sun for 24 hour each day the polar summer. Stored heat closer to the fall began actively evaporate into the atmosphere. Naturally, the atmosphere of it will come back to earth in the form of heavy winter precipitation.
Because of the high humidity will decrease the intensity of habitual arctic air streams carrying air from the west to the east. This means that any precipitation coming from the cold latitudes, will move by road longer and slower, delaying a period of cold weather. This "blocking" event had occurred in western Russia in the summer of 2010, when the country was a heat wave. This year, the "blocking heat", created almost stationary anticyclone Greenland ice melt made with incredible speed.
Predictions for the future in one voice insists that such extreme events in the world will be more and more. What is this if not evidence of climate change on our planet?

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