The artificial lake was opened in Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic

In Chemalsky district of the Altai Republic in the tourist center "Ruble" the grand opening of the first artificial lakes in the region. Surface area of the lake is 2.3 acres.

The idea of creating a lake in Chemalsky area belongs to businessman Andrei Zhukov. The main task of the object — it is a social development of the area, creating a place where children can learn to swim, where you can hold water polo competitions and other water sports. Also, an area of about 100 acres around the lake is planned to create the appropriate infrastructure to take the summer to 5,000 guests. 

Waters will also be used as reclamation system for irrigation of greenhouses, where it is planned to grow agricultural products, which will be implemented in the area and tourists coming to rest.

The complex "Ruble" planned creation of a museum of military equipment, where two hectares will be established models of military weapons, which took part in the battles of World War II, in military conflicts in Chechnya and other military conflicts are: tanks, guns, planes , mortars, etc. And the Museum of the search party of the Altai Republic, which currently is in the Smolensk region, and takes part in international rescue operations "Memory Watch."

Built an airfield for small aircraft, resolution "Rosaviation" on the use of the runway is received.

Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Altai Republic Alexander Alchubaev handed to the organizer and leader of the project and a letter of thanks ministry announced the decision to provide state support for the implemented project "in the coming months will be negotiated and concluded an investment agreement, according to which part of the cost of infrastructures and the repayment of interest rate on the loan, which investors have taken this site, we will undertake. This will help entrepreneurs quickly realize all the ideas on the improvement of the territory and to realize our plans. "

During the opening of competitions on the big water polo teams of the Republic of Altai, Altai and Novosibirsk region, as well as the air show.

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