The assembly of automotive components for Sarapulsky Radiozavod can be started in the summer of


The assembly of automotive components for Sarapulsky Radiozavod may be started before the end of the half. Such plans were announced to journalists Industry and Energy Minister Oleg Radzivonau.

According to the head of department, Udmurtia for this project has done everything possible and now it was the turn of the investor. "Now wait, when this company will adopt a business plan with Vnesheconombank for this project and it is planned that in the first half of the year will at least screwdriver assembly. On the part of the Republic of Udmurtia done everything considered vacant space in the factory, support by land space, over the frozen body of request has been made and the conclusion of the federal authorities on the transfer of the project from Chistopol. Now step by the company. They must adopt a business plan with Vnesheconombank get approval to Ministry of Industry and begin to build, "- said Radzivonau.

As far as getting support from the federal subsidy of strategic enterprises, the issue is still under consideration. «17 May, the interagency working group of the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry of the enterprises of strategic importance, which dealt with the subsidizing Sarapulskaya Radiozavod. Consideration postponed to the next working group tentatively on June 17.

We are getting closer to a measure of support at the federal level. A number of organizational measures that were necessary for us to hold this year, such as higher debt for bankruptcy creditors, effectively extinguished all. This was an essential requirement for the removal of subsidies. Next — a design of monetary obligations to Sberbank — also all in accordance with the requirements decorated. That is, the number of comments, which was corrected and now to the full amount has been necessary to review the plan on May 1. We will adjust a financial recovery plan and is expected to leave on June 17 to the working group.

In general, all of SRH as planned implemented in accordance with the plan of financial recovery. To date zakontraktovannost order of 1 billion 200 million rubles, and the plan for this year, we plan to reach 1 billion 900 million rubles. For comparison — last year was 830 million the year before — 470 million rubles. "

Recall that Sarapulsky Radiozavod considered the possibility of opening the center of innovative electronic products, which the investor is OOO "AAC-Invest". Funding for the project for 7 years should be about 2 billion rubles. As explained by the Minister of Industry and Energy of Udmurtia Oleg Radzivonau, LLC "AAC-Invest" — a holding company, which includes about 15 companies with offices in many regions of the Russian Federation. The basis of activity — production of electronic automotive components, audio systems, navigation systems for cars. The main customers and recipients are all leading enterprise it grow back in Russia: GAZ, VAZ, MAZ and KAMAZ.

"At the initial stage — it SKD production, tape recorders, possibly both. But the main task of the company — a comprehensive mediamodalny center. It includes in addition to the navigation system in one unit navigation system Glonass / GPS, plus audio and video player, plus satellite vehicle security system, plus the payment terminal and the computer to provide a variety of services, will be listed as nearby where you can drink coffee, the bank " — said Oleg Radzivonau.

According to him, such a multi-purpose center has been developed and is ready models. 

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