The astronauts tested the anthropomorphic robot

In September at the Cosmonaut Training Center Yuri Gagarin performed experimental studies of advanced anthropomorphic robot SAR-401, developed by NPO "android technology" and its interactive virtual three-dimensional model.

 The purpose of the work performed by order of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering is the study of the possibility of the on-board flight operations using the robot remotely controlled by a human operator in the so-called a copying mode. The principle of control a humanoid robot in a copying mode is based on the repetition of their movements of the human operator, which are set by a special costume that is worn on the person, and transmitted to the robot via a special hardware-software interface. As a result of such management has perspectives of operations in space (or depressurized compartment) astronaut, located in a sealed compartment of the station, or the operator of the Mission Control Center. To achieve such capabilities, it is necessary to create a robot to adapt its characteristics under performed their flight operations.

To reduce the cost of building a robot designed for experimental development of its virtual

interactive three-dimensional model. You can use it to work out flight operations without the use of a robot and set reasonable performance requirements generated by the robot. With this purpose, and intervention studies anthropomorphic robot SAR-401 and its interactive virtual three-dimensional model.

In experimental studies, participated astronautsMikhail TyurinOleg SkripochkaAnton ShkaplerovOleg Novitsky, as well as specialists Cosmonaut Training Center, TsNIIMash, NGO "android technology," Research Institute for System Studies of RAS.

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