The attack on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The attack on Syrian President Bashar al-AssadAuto motorcade of President Assad was shot in the town of Homs. About the assassination attempt on the president of Syria said the channel "Al Arabiya", referring to the opposition. Evidence of the incident from other sources and the media do not. As a result of fire, Bashar al-Assad was not injured. This is reported by ""

Syrian Head arrived in Homs to discuss issues with residents to restore the dilapidated town. Council issued a video channel Syria: Bashar al-Assad in a shirt walking in the rain at a very injured as a result of clashes Baba Amr district.

After meeting with the residents of the district, Assad said that the extraordinary events in Homs — especially in Baba Amr — require cohesive efforts of the city authorities, the inhabitants of the town and province. Need speedy restoration of infrastructure, first lines, schools, water supply, medical facilities, communications, destroyed eventually commit terrorist acts.

President promised his supporters that Woman Amr life will soon return to the ordinary course.

After shooting the head of the country, reportedly broke visit and hurried back to the Syrian capital. The agency «MIGnews» cites the 1st of the opposition, tuned triumphantly: "He longs to show the world their victory. And in fact it can not keep under control Homs ".

City Homs long been a stronghold of the opposition. To clean up the city, the government has sent back at least 7,000 soldiers and officers. The coming of the military units in the city started a month back, the 29th of February.

For some days before the attack had been subjected to bombardment sighting temporary press center in Homs. In the building at the time there were more than 5 zabugornyh journalists. Reporters waited for calm and tried to escape, but the building has been released another rocket. Killed French photographer Remi Oshlik and American correspondent "Sunday Times" Marie Colvin.

Already a year has passed since that time, both in Syria anti-government protests began. The first sign was the performance of the demonstrators in the town of Deraa. Then he shook the action of civil disobedience and other areas Syria. The protesters sought the resignation of Assad and political reforms. The Syrian government has chosen the path of oppression demonstrations. According to the United Nations, for all the protests and unrest in the country have died before 8000.

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