The Baltic Fleet armed S-400 Triumph

The strategic missile defense system has taken over duty in the Kaliningrad region

On the arms of the Baltic Fleet on Friday entered a strategic anti-missile system S-400 is capable of in the future to destroy ballistic missiles. How to tell the "News" in the headquarters of the Navy, in the team of the Military Space Defense Baltic Fleet near Kaliningrad Division deployed the S-400. He was third in the country — two stationed in the Moscow region (near the towns of Elektrostal and Dolgoprudnyi) in the Troop aerospace defense.

— The complex S-400 is designed to cover Russia’s western borders from air attacks and from space — said the "Izvestia", refusing to specify the parameters of the expanded complex.

Appointment of S-400 "Triumph" — the struggle with the means of air attack (tactical ballistic missiles, aircraft, including executed on technology "Stealth" and other aerial targets) in the defense of the administrative and political centers, the most important features and areas of the country under intensive fire and electronic countermeasures.

According to public data, the C-400 can detect airborne targets flying at a speed of up to 4.8 km / s at a distance of 600 km. The radius of destruction antiaircraft missiles of 400 km at a height of 5 meters to 30 kilometers above the surface. At the same ballistic missile complex can shoot down to an altitude of 60 km.

It is noteworthy that the Baltic S-400 will not be included in the troops ASD created on January 1, 2012. However, in the headquarters of ASD is not excluded that in the long run, this will happen.

— The composition of ASD is still limited so-called ring of defense of Moscow. The remaining air defenses, including strategic, are in service with the Air Defense Command county. In the future, they will become part of ASD, but when this will happen is uncertain, — said the representative of SAI.

At the headquarters of the Baltic Fleet to "News" reported that in spite of the fact that the Navy is not engaged in missile defense, military, support the operation of the S-400 will officially serve in the Baltic Fleet.

— All forces and resources in the Kaliningrad region, including strategic air defense commander of the Baltic Fleet, subject, other than the radio station long-detecting radar "Voronezh-DM", which is part of the missile warning. This is the structure as all the other controls are located at a considerable distance, — the headquarters of the Navy.

The representative of the Baltic Fleet said that the Baltic Fleet is actually a mini-military region, although part of the Western Military District. Therefore, management of complexes will be carried out through the command of the fleet.

President of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Analysis, Alexander Konovalov believes that the deployment of such a powerful complex as the C-400, in the Kaliningrad region is irrational:

— The only threat that parries C-400 — is a NATO attack on Kaliningrad. But this is an impossible scenario, because then it will be an attack on Russia with all its consequences.

Konovalov said that in Russia many important industrial areas in the center and in the Far East, which according to the logic of defense in need of cover against missile attacks.

Chief research fellow Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Dvorkin suggested that the C-400 will be offered to the European Union and the United States as a component of a joint European missile defense:

— Americans in the framework of the Euro-Atlantic initiative themselves suggested that we put their ships with the S-400 system and our C-400 in the Baltic Sea in the north, so it is good for cooperation on missile defense.

Until 2020, the Defense Ministry plans to expand the country’s 56 battalions of S-400.


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