The Battle of Kursk and falsifiers of history

Archpriest George Gorodentsev the famous strategic battle of the Great Patriotic War and Russian foes …

These days Russia remembers the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Kursk, which led to a turning point in the Great Patriotic War, and in general of the Second World War. In the summer of 1943, the German high command planned to conduct an offensive operation (Operation "Citadel") with the strategic objectives — the ambience and the elimination of Soviet forces in the Kursk and further break the Nazi troops to Moscow, which was, according to their strategists, lead to the capture of the capital of the Soviet Union and final victory in the war.

However, in the primary, with our defensive side of the stage of the battle (which began on July 5, 1943) on the "fire," as it was called then, the arc of the Soviet soldiers and officers fought with skill and courage. As a result, the German tank units were not able to break through our defense, suffered enormous losses, have been unable to continue to further advance themselves and went on the defensive. And on July 12 launched a counter-offensive of the Soviet troops, a significant fact that at this point they are now, basically, only advancing, unlike the Wehrmacht, who was forced to move to strategic defense. That was the fundamental turning point in the Great Patriotic War and the Second World War.


Here’s how to assess the failure of Operation "Citadel" enemies themselves: "It was the last attempt to maintain our lead in the East. With its failure, equivalent to the failure of the initiative finally moved to the Soviet side. Therefore, the operation "Citadel" is a decisive turning point in the war on the Eastern Front. " (E. Manstein Lost Victories. Pere. With it. — M., 1957. — S. 423).

"As a result of the failure of the offensive" Citadel "We suffered a decisive defeat. Armored forces, supplemented with great difficulty, because of the large losses in men and material for a long time have been put out of action, very problematic if they will be able to recover for the protection of the eastern front … Needless to say, used the Russian victory "in full" — calm then on the Eastern Front was not. Since that time, the enemy undoubtedly mastered the initiative. " (Guderian G. Memories soldier. — Smolensk: Rusich, 1999).

Argue with these indisputable facts is impossible, therefore, falsifiers of history during the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Kursk resorts to a different reception. As you know, these russophobes and liars try to discredit not only the great victory of our people in the war, but also to throw mud at each of its more or less significant episode of her. Especially if it disclosed the courage, heroism, military skill of the Russian soldier, by the grace of God bestowed upon him the victory, as in every single episode of this, and throughout the war. And today, forgers russophobes radio "Freedom" for the above reason they can not win all the slander in the Battle of Kursk, try to do it against one of its most important episodes — the oncoming tank battle at Prokhorovka July 12, 1943.

According to the objective data of various researchers in the battle on both sides fought from a few hundred to 1,500 tanks, with both parties, and the Germans, and our sustained enormous losses in it. But the Soviet command was still large (including the tank) reserves, which in the future and launched a powerful counterattack against the already and not yet recovered after the battle of Prokhorovka German troops.

How can interpret this fight counterfeiters with radio "Freedom"? Some of their home-grown "military historian" Boris Sokolov says about it: "The fact, was a Soviet strike at Prokhorovka. But the Germans in this day just by chance, just do not step on this direction. In fact, what is commonly called the "counter-tank battle at Prokhorovka," was a battle of the 7th tank company commander of the 1st SS Panzer Regiment Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler", commanded by Rudolf von Ribbentrop (the son of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nazi Germany), and two Soviet tank brigades. Ribbentrop personally became integrated into the Soviet convoy and destroyedlived 12tanks, for which he then gave the Knight’s Cross. Otherwise, it was not a counter-battle, and the Soviet attack. Basically, they fought off the German anti-tank artillery guns. Then already led some counter German tanks. The Soviet counter-attack ended disastrous result for the 5th Guards Tank Army General Pavel Rotmistrova and supports its 5th Guards Combined Arms Army General Alexei Zhadova. The Germans were irrevocably lost only three tanks and about 55 tanks and assault guns damaged, that is subject to recovery. A Soviet troops irretrievably lost only 334 tanks. "

Imagine, reader, what "epic" just "a tremendous victory" of the Germans! Just one of their tank company fights the two Soviet armies (tank and combined arms) and thus inflict a crushing defeat! It is not clear how this "brilliant" the German High Command failed to use such an incredible, fantastic, tactical success of one of his tank company and it has not developed a strategic victory for the further defeat "is not knowing how to fight (say, even a company of Germans could not win) "Soviet armies?! But, on the contrary, these are the last and that on July 12 launched a powerful counterattack, which forced the Germans to retreat already!

And the explanation is very simple. Without a doubt, the "success" of the Germans at the Battle of Prokhorovka was really without any quotes fantastic in the sense that it … wrote a science fiction radio "Freedom for all Russophobic ragtag" B.Sokolov. However, in fairness it must be said that the original author of this fantastic myth, given his much-adored Hitler, allegedly ‘epic’ style, most likely, is Goebbels. These are the ravings of which uncritically (on a "raven crow eyes do not eat dog") and follows the Falcons. Therefore I would suggest that, whether Mr., whether podmisteryu: Before pose as a military historian, initially at least read the popular literature on the topic of his speculations about the military. Well, at least look into Vikopediyu from which he would have known this for him "a terrible military secret," that the state of the German tank company had only 16 to 22 tanks. Therefore, the 7th Tank Company of the 1st SS Panzer Regiment Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler" could not lose 58 tanks (3 killed and 55 shot down according to the most Sokolov), which is three times more than its regular structure, so even with the win that heavy fighting. Or, maybe, the German tanks in Prokhorovka not only died, but also multiply like cockroaches! And how do they multiply, — said Mr. Sokolov — sexually or dividing like amoebas? In general, where there is the famous "White Tiger" fantasies to the next American information litter!

However, he is not alone in his fabrications. In the same Vikopedii, for example, specify the following losses of the parties in the Battle of Kursk: "The Russian historian Igor Shmelev results in 2001 following data: 50 days fighting the Wehrmacht lost about 1,500 < strong>tanks and assault guns, the Red Army lost over 6,000 tanks and artsamohodov that a careful analysis and careful consideration of the closest to the truth. "However, given that the Wehrmacht was the beginning of Operation "Citadel" focused on the Kursk Bulge about 3,000 tanks and self-propelled guns, and Soviet troops respectively had here about 5,000 vehicles, it appears that as a result they have lost this battle tanks … more than it had in the beginning ( ?) and in general have lost the bulk tanks, which possessed all the Soviet Army at the time (??). And if all the Soviet tanks at Kursk had been destroyed, and even more abundantly, how Soviet forces eventually turned her upcoming party? And if the Germans lost here only 1,500 tanks of 3000, then what prevented their remaining armored units move into their final offensive against our people, who allegedly left without armor at all? And finally, how consistent are the relatively small loss of German armored troops (especially in comparison with the losses of the enemy) with the above opinion is pessimistic on this score such an outstanding expert on tanks, as Guderian? Let me remind you what he said about the failure of the operation "Citadel" and the loss of her German tank forces:

"As a result of the failure of the offensive" Citadel "We suffered a decisive defeat. Armored forces, supplemented with great difficulty, because of the large losses in men and material for a long time have been put out of action, very problematic if they will be able to recover for the protection of the eastern front. "

Here is the opinion of the military expert, not science fiction, working in different institutions Russophobian leading a fierce media war against Russia and the Russian people. One of the most important elements of the means of information warfare and the discrediting of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. However, it must be said that the sim liars yes provocateurs work is getting harder and harder. So, for example, on the same internet forums radio "Freedom", which, of course, very difficult to suspect a particularly active visiting his Russian patriots, the above allegations B.Sokolova were subjected to withering criticism, which is rich in most of the posts of this forum. Here are just a few of them, especially the expressive and colorful.

Victor Skvortsov: «Elements of an explicit name-calling and Western propaganda visible to the naked eye. What kind of tank company in question? All the world is recognized — at Kursk was the most greatest tank battle in the history of mankind! We have a loss of about 60% of the Germans about 70% of the total number of participants. After the Battle of Kursk, the Germans are only retreat! This rapid "historian" is lifted from her "story." Apparently the crisis in Europe, rations cut, so he just fell off the rails. "

Grigory Tkachuk: «I think that Mr. Sokolov, had participated in that battle, they would immediately went over to the enemy. Shame. I wish our fathers and grandfathers, they fought parents of these "historians".

Yury Petrov: «The historian Boris Sokolov, known Russophobe and Detractor history of the Soviet period. He does not deserve a drop of confidence. And those of his regular "works" mainly for the Western reader. Well, it is they want to feel exactly like winners in the Second World War. "

Beaflora: «It is better to keep quiet about the Falcons, he does not know. All losses are impressive: the Germans three tanks, and the Red Army — 334 tanks. Bullshit! There are documents showing that the battlefield by the Soviet side were removed about 350 German tanks, 88 guns and 300 trucks. The Soviet 5th Guards Mechanized Corps also suffered heavy losses — about 450 tanks. That is, the loss of a comparable, but not 100 times different, says "historian" Falcons ".

Etc. etc. Yes, the Russian people have wised up, and not so easy to western liar information war once again to hold it on chaff, as, for example, in August 1991!

Archpriest George Gorodentsev, Candidate of Theology, professor of Odessa Theological Seminary

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