The Black Sea Fleet, an electronic simulator underwater rescue complex Panther Plus

Black Sea Fleet (BSF) has completed the improvement of the underwater rescue complex "Panther Plus", which significantly enhance the ability of the educational use of deep-water apparatus.

As the press service of the Southern Military District, in the course of modernization, which carried out the specialists of "Tethys-PRO" (Moscow), was developed by an electronic simulator that allows professionals to work out the problem without dropping the "Panther Plus" under water.

The simulator allows operators from the ideal conditions to move to real without the risk of losing an expensive underwater vehicle, repeatedly and trouble-free work activities in a variety of difficult situations, not only the "Panther Plus", but "Tiger", as the armament BSF.

Rescuers have the opportunity to model the most complex situation on the sea surface and under water. If necessary, the operator can create storm conditions, set the parameters pitching of the vessel, to strengthen the wind, current, improve or worsen visibility at depth.

Currently, the simulator handles tasks to find objects on acoustic beacons, and without them, planting machine to add a submarine rescue hatch opening, the transfer of cargo rescue the crew of the submarine. In addition, the exercises are performed by cutting the ropes, minrepov, release underwater vehicles came under cables or network, seizure of objects from the ground, etc.

According to experts rescue squad fleet, the new simulator will boost the skills of rescuers, working on a set of "Panther Plus" will save the submersible motor potential and to avoid risks in the classroom.

Underwater rescue complex "Panther Plus" is designed for search and rescue operations at depths of up to 1000 m

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