The border conflict between Cambodia and Thailand

The border conflict between Cambodia and ThailandFebruary 4, 2011, again reminded of the sport for himself border between Cambodia and Thailand. In the area of the old temple Phra Vihar (Preah Vihear temple, Phra Wihan) clashed border patrols 2-South-East Asia.

Shootout turned into a battle with artillery fire, the evacuation of the civilian population. According to the Associated Press, on the border skirmish lasted about 2 hours.

Only after the war ministers, 2-states to take telephone calls, gunfire subsided. But on February 5-6 battle broke out with the latest in strength. In the conflict killed more than 15 people on both sides, there are wounded.

According to the views of analysts, escalation of the conflict due to the upcoming elections in Thailand, to be held this year. Thai nationalists have sharply increased their activities, under the motto "clear captured the Thai countryside."

ASEAN offered to mediate in the negotiations

Secretary General of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Surin Phitsuvan offered mediation in the negotiations, reported in the Sunday newspaper Bangkok Post.

Surin Phitsuvan: "Thailand and Cambodia should refer to the ASEAN request to assist them to make a truce and to defuse tensions on the border." Phitsuvan expressed the view that the conflict between with 2 countries, undermining the prestige of Southeast Asia, worsening climate vkladyvatelny, undermining the credibility of economic partners and the ability of the tourist industry.

In ASEAN (it includes Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia), there is the principle of non-interference of member countries in the affairs of partners on the block. But for an emergency exists in the ASEAN mechanism and joint decision problems. By hypothesis, discussed by all members of the organization, such a mechanism can be effective only at the request of the country or countries affected by the problem of.

Cambodia urged the UN Security Council to put pressure on Thailand, to suspend anger.

Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, said: "Cambodia insists on convening an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council that the international community intervene in the situation on the Cambodian-Thai border."

"The Thai military produce anger against Cambodia with the use of the heavy artillery" — quoted Hun Sen appeal ITAR-TASS.

Despite the fact that Cambodia and Thailand have agreed to a truce at the border, the Thai army "still keeps trying to advance deep into the Cambodian countryside and systematically exposes her languid fire from guns," says the letter.

The conflict began, after February 4 military of Thailand, with the help of the heavy construction equipment, demolished part of the barriers on the border of Cambodia and moved half a kilometer inland. Cambodian army opened fire.

In recent years, both countries have increased the capacity of its armed forces.

History of conflict

The border conflict between Cambodia and ThailandCambodians and Thais fought wars among themselves in centuries. In 1904, the special committee held between the boundary markers of Siam (now Thailand) and French Indochina. Preah Vihear temple complex of 10-11 centuries (most of the old times are back as far as the 9th century) was in the area of the kingdom of Siam. In 1907, the French were even more accurate map — complex was Cambodian.

In 1954 the French withdrew from Southeast Asia, Thailand Siam occupied the temple complex. Cambodia protested in Phnom Penh in 1959 appealed for support in the international tribunal in The Hague. Neighbors shouting match, the diplomatic relations were broken off.

The main argument in court was the map of 1907 and the fact that Bangkok half a century did not contest these lands. 1962 Hague Tribunal decided that the rights of Phnom Penh, Thailand should free up the area, return the exported artifacts.

1963 Head of the Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia and another about a thousand people took part in the colorful ceremony of the taking possession of the temple. The prince made a gesture of reconciliation, declaring that the inhabitants of Thailand to attend the temple without visas, and that Thailand is the custodian of cultural property removed from Preah Vihear.

1970-1975 years, the temple complex of protected remnants of government troops from the "Khmer Rouge". Reddish Rouge attacked him a couple of times, and only at the end of May 1975, after a massive artillery bombardment, were able to finish off the remnants of the defenders.

1978 communist Vietnam began the war with reddish Rouge, defeated them, but the area is still Preahvihear long been a zone of guerrilla warfare. Exclusively in 1992 it was opened to tourists. In the same year he was again captured troops "Khmer Rouge" in 1998, they laid down their guns. In 1998, Thailand had built for him the way, with his own hand, only Cambodia in 2003, held the road.

In 2007, the Cambodia and Thailand have agreed that the temple is of "outstanding universal value" and should be included in the list of global heritage by UNESCO. Cambodia was supposed to apply to UNESCO with the support of Thailand. But the political opposition has raised the "fur fly", accusing the government of giving up the disputed land. Government resigned, Bangkok withdrew its support Cambodia's request. But the 7 July 2008 the church became the third cultural facility of Cambodia (after Angkor Wat and the Royal Ballet), a listed UNESCO.

July 15, 2008 three monks from Thailand crossed the border and tried to declare sovereignty over the temple in Thailand, but they were arrested. They were soon released, but Bangkok has entered into the temple complex fighter, farmers began to prepare the building. Only high-level talks, urged to withdraw.

Oct. 15 skirmish, it all started with the penetration of 3 Thai fighter on the ground in Cambodia (at her request), over the concentration of troops and their ghost on full alert. In late October, with the mediation of Beijing signed a truce.

2-3 April 2009 conflict again ran from sleep to active. "The armed clash began at a time when the thai fighters went to the ground Cambodia. We responded missiles, "- told Reuters Cambodian government spokesman. Bangkok said it was an accident, he says fighter blown case of an anti-personnel mine. But in the afternoon between the military of both countries battle erupted again. As reported by the witnesses, except for small guns and grenade launchers, now applied artillery. clear about 2 fighters killed Cambodian army and 3 the wounded soldiers of Thailand. After a morning battle Cambodian troops took the disputed area under his control. At the same time in 2009 by braked.

The border conflict between Cambodia and Thailand

The border conflict between Cambodia and Thailand

The border conflict between Cambodia and Thailand

The border conflict between Cambodia and Thailand

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