The branch Uralmash NGO Holding the official acceptance of the rig made for BK Eurasia


This drilling is the first of seven plants produced under contract to the "BK" Eurasia ". The event was attended by leaders and experts "BK" Eurasia ". The guests toured a drilling rig mounted on a platform control assembly. In their presence, launched the main drives of the drilling rig.

"To be honest, the machine leaves a very good impression. We really liked the platform, very much, as inserted by equipment and service in the block cleaning mud and pump unit, "said senior vice president of production" BK "Eurasia" Vadim Bayanov.

"The rig was constructed in record time for such equipment. From the signing of the contract for the supply to the delivery of the first installation took only seven months, "said General Director of Uralmash NGO Holding Yuri Karpov.

In accordance with the contract Uralmash NGO Holding will deliver five units Uralmash 5000/320 EK-BMCH and two drilling Uralmash 5000/320 ESC BMCH.

Rig Uralmash 5000/320 ESC BMCH for multiple drilling oil and gas wells. The arrangement provides for movement of the drilling rig derrick-winch unit and a purification guide beams from hole to hole along with a set of drill pipe installed on the candlesticks and suspended blowout preventer. Foster Bridge with racks moved separately. The rest of the installation equipment is stationary.

Rig Uralmash 5000/320 EK-BMCH for multiple drilling oil and gas wells. The layout of the rig moves the entire complex installation guide beams from well to well, along with a set of drill pipes mounted on sconces and hanging blowout preventer, with the exception of the emergency unit and the receiver of the bridge with the racks.

Both systems are equipped with an electric variable-frequency AC drive with a digital control system, have a capacity of 320 tons and able to drill wells to a depth of up to 5 thousand meters


LLC "Drilling Company" Eurasia "- the largest independent drilling company in Russia by the number of meters drilled, engaged in the construction and repair of oil and gas wells of all prescriptions in the license areas of OAO" LUKOIL ", OJSC" NK "Rosneft", OAO "Gazprom Neft", TNK -BP and other oil and gas companies. Ltd. "EDC" is a part of Eurasia Drilling Company Limited (EDC), which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
EDC production capacity is concentrated in Western Siberia, Volga-Urals, Timan-Pechora regions, the company also operates in Eastern Siberia and Kazakhstan. EDC’s head office is located in Moscow.

Uralmash Oil & Gas Equipment Holding unites design and manufacturing capabilities MK "Uralmash" and Group UCP (as owner URBO) in the field of drilling equipment. The main objective of the holding company — through consolidation capabilities available to its members, to fully meet the current and future needs of the oil and gas industry in the drilling equipment to meet the most severe requirements engineering, quality, terms of delivery of the equipment and services, and to provide it Russian producers leading position in the domestic market of heavy rigs. Holding also plans to actively promote Russian heavy drilling rigs to foreign markets.

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