The bridge to the island of Russian broke the record

 The builders of the bridge to the island of Russian in Vladivostok built the world‘s highest bridge piers. The top point of the giant pylons, located on the mainland, up to 324 meters on the level of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait, which is an absolute record in the world of bridge construction. For its construction took three years of work and more than 20,000 cubic meters of high quality concrete. 

Meanwhile, on the opposite coast — on the island of Russian — is completing a second giant bridge support, which is only 5 meters below the pylon-record holder. In parallel, the assembly and the longest in the world guys, the length of which was about 580 meters. The two parts of the bridge that passed over the bed of the strait, plan to combine into a single structure on the last day of March, and then the total length of the bridge will be 3.1 kilometers long. Completely build and open the bridge is planned for the APEC summit, which will be held in Vladivostok in September 2012.  





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