The British closed the last plant armored vehicles

Production in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Photo from armored

The British company BAE Systems to close the last UK factory armored cars in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, reports Defense News. The reason for the closure of the facility, which began work in 1847 will be the completion of the contract with the UK Ministry of Defence for the supply of 60 Terrier armored vehicles at the end of 2013. According to the publication, the work thus can lose up to 330 people.

After the close of business in Europe will have only one factory armored vehicles belonging to BAE Systems; it is located in Sweden. Earlier, the British Defense Ministry announced a ten-year plan that includes the costs of armored vehicles in the amount of 5.5 billion pounds (8.5 billion dollars). The document does not contain a single expense item for the purchase of armored cars, all funds will be spent on the modernization of the existing fleet.

As the Jane's, BAE Systems has announced the forthcoming reduction of 620 jobs, 330 of them — in the factory of Newcastle upon Tyne. The remaining workers will be laid off by enterprises for the production of ammunition, and the company's technical support is delivered to the troops armored vehicles. As the British agency, production in Newcastle-upon-Tyne could be retained by modernizing armored Warrior or Scout SV.

UK Ministry of Defence to hold a tender for the repair and modernization of the Warrior and Scout SV, which was attended by BAE Systems. The winners of these competitions were British unit of U.S. companies Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, respectively. To modernize the Warrior plans to spend at least a billion pounds.

The factory in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at different times engaged in the manufacture of weapons, heavy combat vehicles and armored vehicles. In particular, this is what the company has become the first mass-produced tanks during World War II. At the peak of production at the plant employed 44,000 people.

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