The budget of the Russian Federation in January-May, a surplus of $ 120.05 billion rubles.

The budget of the Russian Federation in January-May 2012, according to preliminary data, a surplus of $ 120.05 billion rubles. Such data are the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation today. In this case, the primary surplus totaled 248.63 billion rubles. According to the Ministry, the Russian budget surplus in May of this year amounted to 171.415 billion rubles.

The volume of income received for the first five months of this year — 5000000000000 82.32 billion rubles, or 43.1 percent of total federal revenues, cash execution costs — 4000000000000 962.27 billion rubles, or 39.2 percent of total expenditure .

The Federal Tax Service for the first five months transferred to the federal budget 2000000000000 120.18 billion rubles, or 44 percent to the forward-looking indicators of the federal budget for 2012, the Federal Customs Service — 2000000000000 550.88 billion rubles, or 41.4 percent to forecast indicators, the Federal Agency for State Property Management — 18,910,000,000 rubles / 11.4 percent /. Other federal agencies listed in the budget for the period 392 340 000 000 rubles, or 60.9 per cent to the forward-looking indicators. Revenues excluding revenues from the management of the Reserve Fund and National Welfare Fund amounted to 320.582 billion rubles.

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