The capital will find new shrine

This past weekend in Moscow, the ceremony of laying of two new churches to be built under the Program-200 (Program for construction of Orthodox churches in Moscow, implemented Foundation "Support the construction of churches in Moscow").


In the metropolitan area Marino temple would be built Resurrection. In this area, at the intersection of Belorechenskaya and Pererva, will house a small wooden church with 300 parishioners. On the Day of the Holy Trinity was erected at the site of worship cross. Later in the complex will be erected stone Cathedral of the Resurrection at 1500 to the house of the clergy and the bell tower.

And on the street Ostrovityanova 1-2 erected a temple in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. Everyone could lay the "nominal brick" by writing his name on it. Of these, then lay down a wall of bricks. Parishioners wrote not only their names but also the names of relatives and friends. And who came to the ceremony could immortalize their names in a document, which invested in special steel capsule, and later be placed in the altar wall.


About "Supporting the construction of churches in Moscow"

Foundation "Support the construction of churches in Moscow" was established with the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill Financial and economic management of the Russian Orthodox Church, January 26, 2010.

The main objective of the Fund — Accumulation of funds from voluntary contributions, donations and sending them to finance the construction of the temple complexes.

Primate of the Russian Church drew attention to the fact that the capital remains in last place among all the regions of Russia by the ratio of churches and the Orthodox population. According to His Holiness, to achieve the average for Russia — 11,2 thousand people at one parish in Moscow to build 591 temples. After the construction of 200 new churches in Moscow, bringing the total number of only 27% of the average for Russia. However, the program, according to the Patriarch, is "an important step bringing the number of temples to the average Russian."

His Holiness also proposed to amend the draft in order to find a more spacious sites for new churches (in accordance with the program for some of the temples are provided too small plots of 0.2-0.3 ha).

"Most of the temples is not based on the year, and for centuries," — said the Primate, stressing that it is not about the construction of places of worship alone, but the whole parish complexes. His Holiness said that it is now very rapidly developing social work of the Church. This, in particular, by the activities of church organizations to overcome the consequences of the recent wildfires.

"In the Russian Church, created quite a strong and effective social service — continued Primate. — If we are in Moscow will develop this social function of the Church, that these small humble parish facilities may not be enough. "

The Fund’s primary — bring together people who are not indifferent to the problems of the modern city and its future, seeking to contribute to the preservation of religious traditions and the basic values of our people.



 Based on materials newspaper "Muscovite" and Foundation "Support the construction of churches in Moscow"

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