The car Taiga was published

Thanks AZ "Chaika-Service" and domestic cars evolve and become interesting for buyers. For example, once the refinery project, called "Taiga", will join the lineup of domestic chassis. "Taiga" — a new all-wheel drive car based on the GAZ-33081 "Sadko" with two-row 7-passenger cab. The project is unique in its kind and is unparalleled. New GAZ-33081 "Taiga" stands out its militant appearance against cars of its class. In a new series of automobile factory "Chaika-Service" managed to combine modern aerodynamics to achieve recognizable style with elements of American tractors. It will be appreciated that to achieve streamlining in models with bonnet arrangement is not easy. As a result, the chassis "Taiga" has the following advantages: Comfort feature of the new car is "Taiga" accommodates 7 people. Two-row cabin allows stand tall, without any restraint. The cabin is equipped with an adjustable steering column, a modern instrument panel and wide windshield, which improves visibility when driving. The car factory "Chaika-Service" care even about such details as the step to lift the cab. Retractable side steps rear of the cabin is controlled by the button on the inside of the door panel. Do not need no place to lean, with a single click of a staircase splits to lift. High cross-wheel drive GAZ-33081 "Taiga" is designed specifically for use in rough terrain and off-road. Due to the high permeability and undemanding vehicle can be operated in the most remote and inaccessible areas. The new updated look-row cabin GAZ-33081 "Taiga" has finally become more modern. And thus suddenly did not deprive it of superior quality — terrain. In the cab not only present design elements but the design also provides the functional and ergonomic solution. For example, in the power frame mounted plastic components, thereby reducing the weight of the car, increasing its capacity. On the GAZ-33081 "Taiga" can be set car repair crane Amco Veba or Tadano, hydrolift Socage height from 14 to 18 meters.

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