The case at the military base




The soldiers turned to stone pillars

In 1991, after the dissolution of the KGB, a large number of materials of this department has got abroad, particularly in the CIA. As reported in the prestigious Journal of the Canadian, U.S. intelligence has received a 250-page report related to the UFO incident at a military base in Siberia.

According to the materials of the KGB, silent, low-flying object in the form of plates appeared on a military facility during training exercises on it. For unknown reasons, someone suddenly launched a rocket "land — air", which was hit by a UFO. He fell in the offing, there are five dwarf humanoids with "big heads and big black eyes."

According to the testimony of the two surviving soldiers, freeing himself from the wreckage, the newcomers are closely huddled together and "have merged into a single entity that has acquired a spherical shape." The object began to hum and hiss sharply, then turned bright white. Within a few seconds, greatly increased the scope and exploded, emitting a very bright light. 23 soldiers who saw the flash, turned into … stone pillars.

Only two survived. At the time they were in the shade and less exposed to unusual radiation. Scientists who conducted a survey of petrified soldiers were not able to determine the nature of this radiation. They noted that the radiation is almost instantly changed the structure of organisms are exposed to it people and transformed them into an unusual substance with the same molecular structure as that of limestone.


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