The case centers: electronic model of regional development

Company RIC-Systems, a leading systems integrator and consulting partner in the field of information and communication technologies, took part in the Second Industrial Conference "The case centers: the focus of cross-sectoral interests."

The conference was held for the second time and has cemented its status as a central platform where experts can analyze the current state of the Crisis Management Center, to discuss the development trends. As part of the specialized sections participants with hands-on experience creating and upgrading situation centers in the bodies of state power, energy and transport. Conference ended with a round table which discussed the effectiveness of the use of situational centers as a tool for decision-making.

"The widespread use of information technology is now an integral part of the management of public and commercial organizations. Across Russia actively replicated model of e-government region, which involves transfer of public services in electronic form and the establishment of centers for the collection, processing and analysis — says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems. — As a leading systems integrator and industry expert, the company RIC-Systems serves a professional partner for executive agencies to implement electronic control systems and automated information systems. "

The second conference, "The case centers: the focus of cross-sectoral interests" was held June 5-6 at the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. The conference was attended by telecommunications operators and providers of M2M services, manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software, representatives of research companies. The event is organized by the publishing house «Connect». 

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