The CBD built sorting plant

In Urvan CBD area is ready for commissioning newsorting plant. Laid utilities and heating pipes, mounted boiler and a water tower. And most importantly — established waste processing equipment.

Now the facility eliminated minor flaws found working committee. Sorting line already tested. Experts believe that the plant a great opportunity — new technologies will minimize human labor. Automating the process will reduce the processing time of garbage in the tens or even hundreds of times.

Household waste coming now to one of the national landfill will now be sent to the factory. With the launch of the old landfill company liquidated. Glass, textiles, plastic, paper and metal recyclables will be willing to purchase it has been found. Unsuitable for recycling waste stored can all the rules for the new landfill.

It is calculated on the amount of garbage in 10,000 tons.
And that’s just one section of the planned four. Top of the ground is laid cellophane to rains washed away the top layer of soil. According to experts like arrangement of the protective layer in the form of a kind of layered cake to avoid pollution and groundwater contamination. Among other things, all the conditions for future work, by the way, the state is already staffed. Administrative unit includes locker rooms, showers, a dining room and lounges.

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