The city SOSNOVKA implement Energy-efficient power supply

In 2011, the branch of IDGC of Center and Volga Region — "Kirovenergo" sells in SOSNOVKA unique project for the Kirov region "Energy-Efficient Networks". In 2005, the network of the city SOSNOVKA were taken to the balance of "Kirovenergo". By this time it was connected to the 5862 residential subscribers and 278 legal entities. Acquired network immediately become a headache engineers. More than 80% of electricity had life of more than 10 years, most long expired calibration. Total wear chains as of January 1, 2006 was 85%. In addition, the city had no discipline payments.

Since 2006, the Sosnivka steps through modernization of power grids and transformer substations. Installed modern equipment, dilapidated wooden supports are replaced with reinforced concrete, bare wire — on isolated. After the completion of these activities will be set Sosnivka AMR — automated metering of electricity.

AMR system is a multi-level system. In the Kirov to Center for the collection and processing of data (TSSOD). In most Sosnivka in transformer points, routers are installed, at consumers’ homes — Special advanced meters. The router’s modem organizes the collection of metering data and stores them in its memory. On the first request, the data can be transferred to TSSOD. This system allows you to quickly troubleshoot meters and "pockets of loss" for their subsequent removal and to measure the actual amount of electricity transmitted through the network.

Metering devices installed on homes of residential customers, not only to record the consumption of electricity, but also count the time and calendar date, and under certain conditions, the consumer disconnect from the network and connect it back after the removal of tripping cause. Counters effectively prevent attempts of theft of electricity due to the accumulation, storage, and transmission TSSOD Kirov information on the actions of the consumer, leading to a breach of contract with the power supplier. This modern device — a reliable way to prevent all possible attempts to steal electricity. Already in 2011, the Sosnivka will be installed 169 such counters.

If prior to the project electricity losses in Sosnivka were 907,800 kWh per year, then they will go after almost four times — up to 250,000 kWh. And it will be only so-called technical losses — Commercial will be reduced to zero. Payback period — 1 year.

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