The collapse of the great American myth

Nature has given man the mind is not in order, so that he was floundering in a sea of lies and delusions. Continual desire of man to the truth in the end was that a time bomb that has undermined the great myth of America as the vanguard of world civilization and the main defender of human rights in the world.

In fact, the United States with their legacy of slavery and robbery, which worked against the indigenous Indian population of immigrants from Europe, have never been a truly democratic society.

The constitutional foundations were laid in the interests of the United States of white, against the genocide of Indians and segregation of blacks, which was officially abolished only in 1964, but continues to exist until now por.Ne as recently as 2006 in a report on Civil Rights Project at Harvard University Professor Gary Orfild noted that the level of segregation in the country rose to the level of the late 1960s, America has lost almost all of the progress made in the abolition of segregation in cities.

Today most of the immigrants from Asia, Africa, Latin America survives in the United States due to the existence in the diaspora, and their average standard of living far below the level of white citizens.

The real masters of the United States of America is a financial oligarchic groups, based mainly on the layer of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant), whose members take full advantage of the benefits to the vast masses.

According to the level of mystification of its own population and the international community the United States certainly ranks first in the world. The real policy of the United States and imposed their myths about themselves apart as heaven from earth. However, until then, the efforts of some U.S. propaganda machine gave their results. Most Americans believed that their country is better nothing in the world can not be, and ordinary people in Western Europe were praying on the U.S. as a protection against "red menace."

Many American intellectuals were far from these illusions and did not know indulgence in describing inherently inhumane system, established in their country. Novels "Jungle" Upton Sinclair’s "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser, "The Iron Heel" by Jack London, and many others were truly revelatory works, but the impact on the general public was limited.

The collapse of the "great American myth" began with the advent of the information society, with the emergence of the World Wide Web. The myth has become blurred from all sides and now is like an iceberg under the rays of the sun, which quickly wears out and gives the cracks. Blows inflicted on him all the secrets of the new whistleblowers Empire, from chip giant chunks of iceberg.

The year 2001 was a turning point in this regard. After the explosion, the New York twin towers appeared a huge number of publications that have pointed to the fact that the Americans had been deceived, that after launched under the banner of the "global war on terror" of the war in Afghanistan, followed by new war. The tragedy of 9/11 led to the formation of giant cracks in the American myth and created a qualitatively new situation in the global information space.

Now there are few who believe the talk about the fact that America is a carrier of hope around the world. In the mood of Americans took a major shift. According to various surveys, one-third to 40% of Americans support the Private Bradley Manning, who provided secret correspondence of government agencies at the disposal site WikiLeaks. About the same number support the creator of this site, Julian Assange and the same — a new U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden.

That is, at least a third of Americans no longer believe in the officially declared values. American society today ideological split. There is no doubt that this will be new social climate debunkers and many more unsavory secrets of American political kitchen float to the surface.

What is surprising is how one-sided at the State Department, the Capitol are responding to these new developments. For example, in one statement, U.S. officials had expressed regret and shadow over democracy compromising total surveillance, organized by the U.S. secret services not only for the "strangers" but for "their". But the punishment of whistleblowers and the hunt for remains at large indicate that the U.S. authorities are going to mercilessly punish anyone who dares to tell the truth.

Today, bustling and interrupting each other, American politicians and high-ranking officials demand the massacre of Edward Snowden. Moscow pressing issue Snowden requirements for the violence. After giving him temporary asylum in Russia from Washington began to be heard distinctly and not very coherent threat, indicating whether the immaturity of some American politicians, or their inability to fully grasp the current international reality. Among the threats sounded even such as the boycott of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, though the absence of the American team at the event will cause a catastrophe in the world of sports. More "terrible" — a threat to expand the "Magnitsky list" to block foreign bank accounts of Russian officials. Fighting corruption, and Moscow would only thanked Washington for such sanctions.

The double standards of the U.S. authorities on the issue of human rights is not a novelty for a long time and this is not to speak of, if not all of a sudden suspicion arose: Does not think she is an American political "elite" is that it is unique in the world, and all the rest — is trained Lilliputians acting on her team? After all, imagines such a short time to make a mistake by taking a calm, mellow Moscow’s behavior in the "case of Snowden" for weakness.

Willy-nilly, to recall the times, prepared the downfall of Rome. And then, too, persecuted Christians who refused to worship the idols of the Empire. Stupidly and blindly hoping the Roman ruler of the fact that by supporting people in error, you can rule indefinitely.

It did not work.

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