The coming catastrophe



The coming catastrophe
19.11.03, the



From the point of view of astrology Altai earthquake (27.09.03 at 18 h 36 min., 28.09.03 in 1 hour 55 min., 1.10.03 at 8 pm local time, the epicenters near Aktas and Kosh-Agach, …) can be attributed to the entry of Saturn in the sign of Cancer on June 4 this year As you know, on May 31 solar eclipse occurred in the 10 th degree of Gemini just on the line of catastrophes that caused the seismic disturbances in the lithosphere. Then Saturn was exactly on the geodetic meridian passing through the Kosh-Agach. Astrological influences in the form of geo-spatial resonances are fine-material nature, and often by a number of reasons can cause rapid effects in the Earth's crust due to its large inertia. From the primary initiation and to, for example, earthquakes can pass a certain time delay, depending on the local natural and social rhythms, and planetary cycles in general. The mechanism and kinetics of such hidden, latent processes in the lithosphere, particularly near seismic faults, joints tectonic plates worthy of further study.
Major earthquakes are often correlated with national horoscopes. When the Altai earthquake 27.09.03 transiting Saturn approached the IC horoscope CIS (08.12.1991, 15 h 18 min., Viskuli (Bialowieza Forest)) within a degree and the new moon on October 25 and did "stop" in its nadir. This means that the seismic activity in Russia and our collaboration will continue for 1-2 months, along with other natural disasters. Further, it should be noted that a number of earthquakes and other disasters in Russia also correlate with horoscope October Revolution in 1917 — for example, ter.akty in Moscow in September 1999 Is it because President Putin as excuses to "Uncle Sam" for our totalitarian past, during his visit to the United States at the end of September this year?
When a solar eclipse 31.05.03 astrokartograficheskie projections have the following form: the line of ascent and sunset opposing Saturn and Pluto, as well as the culmination of a line of Mars took place in Central Europe, and "brought" back in the summer of intense heat and tornadoes; Saturn culminated over Japan that then there was reflected in the increased seismicity (this fall), squaring Saturn line to the MS was held in the North Caucasus, which has led to a resurgence of terrorism around Chechnya (by the way, the previous lunar eclipse connection between stationary Mars and Neptune on May 16 give it a line of Saturn rising), etc.
Finally, the line of the setting of Saturn was in northern California near San Diego, which is located near the San Andreas fault. If there have also emerged seismic disturbances, it can until the end of the year and lead to earthquakes in Northern California. To disasters in California, her horoscope may indicate a future governor — Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as horoscope United States as a whole. In January of this year and previously the author of the Internet predicted major earthquakes in February and March of this year and their possible localization, particularly in Novosibirsk. But they, fortunately, did not happen … However, based on the foregoing, it can happen in the more distant future. Indeed, Saturn stationary about 22 February this year, while opposing the Mars and Pluto along the lines of the last solar eclipse was able to create the latent seismic disturbances in the lithosphere, which can then be manifested in the form of earthquakes in the period before the new stationary Saturn. Said the opposition was in connection with the geodetic meridian 82 gr.v.d. and opposing the meridian in the Western Hemisphere, held in Mexico near Acapulco. It is just near the meridian of the Altai earthquake epicenter may, subject to local tectonic faults, as well as the meridian of Novosibirsk and pyramid Kailash in Tibet (see E. Muldashev "In Search of the Gods").
Mount Kailash (31.07 N, 81.30 E) is associated with a global network of ancient pyramids on Earth, and when it "wakes up", it can cause emergencies and in other related areas of the world through the pyramids. In particular, said for the Egyptian pyramids in the Middle East and Mexico, respectively, in Mexico. Ancient pyramid with the impartiality of people look to the vanity. In contrast to the past, they know not only the past and the present, but the future …
It follows a general conclusion after Altai earthquake at the end of this year increases the probability of earthquakes in Mexico and California. Stationarity of Saturn on October 25 this year in the sign of Cancer can cause the formation of the Earth's crust in the new seismic disturbances, which, however, may not be immediately apparent in the form of new earthquakes. Since the end of October this year zone of high seismic shift in Russia, in particular, in the Baikal region: stationary Saturn will be just on the geodetic meridian Irkutsk …
A brief excursion into the past — March 3, 2002 in Afghanistan devastating earthquake happened, after Saturn "stopped" geodetic meridian near the epicenter and square geodetic Asc. In the western hemisphere seismicity rise in Peru, because Saturn will be stationary on the geodetic IC Lima. In Japan, the earthquake will move to the south of the archipelago …. At the end of the first decade of this year October there is also likely state of emergency at the plant, incidents around the government and the royal family.
Also on the night from the 28th to the 29th of September this year in the Indian state of Orissa has happened is extremely rare in the history of the event — there is a large meteorite fell and destroyed two homes. There are casualties. It is symbolic that this incident happened when stationary Mars, which is kind of "responsible" and for the Altai earthquake was conjunct Uranus. And it happened near a state of emergency we examined the meridian, and possibly has the background to the end of February or May of this year
The prophets of the past, for example., Nostradamus and Cayce predicted that in the future will fall to Earth a giant meteorite. If this is the case, then such a disaster happen again under an unfavorable interaction of Uranus and Mars. The closest critical period — about 31 July 2010. The likely impact site — the Indian Ocean, near the coast of Australia. However, this is only a hypothesis that can, fortunately, not be confirmed.
Finally, touch upon the topic of doubling Russia's GDP. After the Kremlin pulled into the White House plan to double the GDP, Kasyanov and Bush no choice but to look for double Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (GDP) … And the terrorists will seek new "means of delivery" of their infernal machines, drawing attention to the ships and trains. Under the threat may be ter.aktov and shopping centers …

























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