The Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy said the future of the aircraft carrier

Engineering design of a new aircraft carrier for the Russian Navy will be developed by 2014, and the ship will be built after 2020. This, in an interview with RIA Novosti, said Russian Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky. According to him, the new ship will not be an aircraft carrier in the classical sense of the word. "It will be a step ahead. Ship will have to operate in all environments, that is, to be multicompartment" — said Vysotsky. Modern aircraft carrier, said the commander in chief, acts only in two environments — the "air, or in the best case, the lower space orbitalyana group." "But we want to go further — there is space, there is the underwater part, has a surface part with unmanaged and managed devices. So, in other words, to make a combined media that enables to solve a range of problems in almost all environments," — said Vysotsky, noting that the main focus will be on aerospace component that can help define dominance at sea.

Late start of construction of a new ship Vysotsky explained the need to carefully consider the design of the new ship. If the construction of an aircraft carrier to begin today, it is, in the words of Vladimir Vysotsky to be improved or the "Admiral Kuznetsov", or worse "Enterprise" or "Minsk" with "Kiev". "This is, in fact, what we offer today. And we need to make a quantum leap," — summed up the commander in chief.

The existence of plans for the construction of aircraft carriers in the middle of November 2011 confirmed Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. According to him, the Ministry of Defence has ordered the development of preliminary design ship in the United Shipbuilding Corporation, but the financing of the construction of aircraft carriers Russian state armaments program for 2011-2020 does not provide. As expected, the preliminary design of the ship will pogotovlen before the end of 2012.

Currently, the Russian Navy has only one aircraft carrier — the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov". The ship was built in 1985 and designed by 1143.5 "Merlin" and entered the fleet in 1991. In the air group of the ship, assigned to the Northern Fleet, has 12 Ka-27 helicopters and 33 carrier-based fighter Su-33. Earlier it was reported that this year, the cruiser will begin work on modernization, which is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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