The company AEROPRAKT

AEROPRAKT company founded in 1991.

The main activity — the development and mass production of ultra-light aircraft of various modifications. The company produces a standard light aircraft A-22, A-24, A-36, as well as provides services to individual.

Conducted advanced research and development of special modifications of the basic models: tested and "went into a series of" aircraft for aerial photography, agricultural airplanes, amphibious aircraft, four aircraft.


State enterprises is 50 employees, highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in the famous Ukrainian enterprises such as Antonov. Antonov, the plant "Quasar" plant "Tochelektropribor." In addition, the company employs more than 10 professionals working on a contractual basis.

Production areas, LLC "Aeroprakt" currently has 2,000 sqm. m In these areas the main focus and engineering processes for aircraft "Aeroprakt." Also, LLC "Aeroprakt" places orders for the execution of some works by well-known aviation enterprises of Ukraine — Kiev, and Antonov aircraft factory. Antonov.

In the nearest plans of the enterprise — scale production of specialized agricultural aircraft, twin-engine four-seater and three-amphibians. According to experts’ AEROPRAKT ", these areas currently have the greatest prospect.

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