The company Altaivagon launched two universal welding robot systems


The leading edge engineering company has commissioned two universal welding robot systems of the Japanese company Fanuc. This equipment is installed in the blank frame-shop of "Altaivagon" at the site for the manufacture of manhole cover gondola.

Welding of parts is carried out in specially designed for this operation rotor snap (jig). Search weld by means of laser sensor with high accuracy and speed detects overlay weld location and adjusts operation of the complex according to its displacement from the reference position.

Design capacity of the complex is a robotic doors 40 in change, at the same time develop a skilled welder — 9 hatches. As a result of the introduction of robots will release some of the workers from the site, which will reallocate them to other positions that currently have a need for highly skilled welders.

Robotic welding process of "Altaivagon" is another step towards the creation of high-tech, advanced automated production cars of the new generation in the framework of an integrated enterprise investment project of modernization and technological development of the plant.

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