The company Arkan introduced a system GLONASS monitoring of road construction machinery

The company "Arkan", the federal operator of the security services and monitoring, announces the launch of cooperation with "StroyDorTehnika" (Moscow), providing a full range of services for the design, construction and repair of roads and landscaping. In the framework of road construction machinery company is equipped with complete sets of satellite monitoring ARKAN SuperVising.


Feature of the solution is embedded in the interests of the company "StroyDorTehnika", is the use of domestic technology GLONASS, which provides highly accurate position and speed of moving objects.

Satellite monitoring can monitor the location of special equipment in real time, to get objective data on mileage, travel time and vehicle downtime, be the best route taking into account the congestion, the rational planning work schedules and reduce the period of their assignments. Thanks to the-clock monitoring of the unauthorized use or theft of expensive machinery promptly detected and suppressed.

An important advantage of the introduction of monitoring complex ARKAN SuperVising is to save fuel. Vehicles are also equipped with a professional company with high-precision fuel flow sensors that allow you to monitor the fuel consumption, as well as place, time and the amount of dressings and drains. Based on the incoming data automatically generated reports provided by responsible persons in a convenient form for further analysis.

The company "Arkan" offers businesses the road construction industry a robust technology platform that enables the customer efficiently use transportation resources, automate processes to optimize fleet management and maintenance costs. Intelligent system for satellite monitoring ARKAN SuperVising successfully tested on buses in various regions of Russia, shows the results of the introduction of high economic efficiency, has broad functionality and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the customer, "- says the press-service of" Arkan ".

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