The company ASELSAN has developed a thermal sight for ATRA


  • The company "ASELSAN" has developed a thermal sight for ATGM "Kornet-E"

Turkish company "ASELSAN» (Aselsan) has developed a lightweight thermal sight to equip a portable anti-tank missile system with laser-guided "Kornet-E" produced by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.
The company "ASELSAN" refused to name the customer thermal imaging sights for ATGM "Kornet-E", but it is known that earlier command of the Army of Turkey purchased batch of anti-tank systems of this type in Russia.

According to the "International’s Defence Review," referring to the "ASELSAN" removable thermal sight Sager TS provides detection and identification purposes, as well as their fire damage to the entire range of the firing range ATGM "Kornet-E" (up to 5500 m) during the day and at night , including bad weather. Reportedly, the scope of the original design used at night time limits range against targets up to 3,500 m

The new thermal sight forms an image using optical instruments live image ATGM "Kornet-E" and optical collimator Sager TS. In practice, this means that the operator of the weapon is for the gun and a launcher, which increases its durability.

Sager TS thermal sight provides a smooth change in the function of a linear increase from x2 to x25. According to the company, the unit received a three-time set point of view, it is not subject to "illumination" bright flash during start ATGM (at night). The sight uses algorithms to improve image quality, function, freeze frame, and a simple procedure for checking the zero line of sight.

Weight thermal sight Sager TS lithium-ion battery pack (provides employment for 5 h) is 7 kg. Optional external lithium-ion battery can extend the scope of continuous operation up to 12 hours Package include a charger for networks of direct and alternating current, as well as other additional devices, including the charger on solar energy, as well as an adapter AC / DC (AC / DC) for a network of 220V.

ATGM "Kornet-E" may be to fire anti-tank two types: 9M133-1 with tandem shaped-charge warhead able to penetrate steel armor thickness of 1,000-1,200 mm in the active-reactive protection (ERA); 9M133F-1 thermobaric warhead high-power, efficient in the course of destruction by fire during combat operations in an urban setting and in the mountains.

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