The company Axion-RDM has received a grant from the Skolkovo on the development of ion-exchange sorbents

December 28, 2011 a meeting of the Investment Committee of the Fund "Skolkovo", where it was decided to grant in the amount of 29 million rubles. of "Axion — Rare and Precious Metals" ("Axion-RDM") for the project design and implementation technology of domestic ion-exchange materials with adaptive selectivity for individual metal ions, surpassing the best competitive counterparts. In other words — such sorbents that of complex solutions will catch specific rare and precious metals.


AXION material is an ion exchange resin with an adaptive selectivity (selectivity configurable) to the desired metal and high exchange capacity of 4.5-8 mEq / g, enabling selective (90-95%) to concentrate the target metal ions from the complex composition of the solutions. Ion exchange materials with adaptive selectivity regenerated, so these substances can be used repeatedly without deterioration.

"Axion-RDM" — a project ZPIF OR (B) and "Bioprocess Capital Ventures", established with capital of JSC "Russian Venture Company". The foundation of the project was the results of many years of research in the field of sorption materials.

The scientific basis of the project was laid in the dissertation General Director of "Axion-RDM" DA Kondrutskogo devoted to the synthesis and study of the properties of "hybrid" polymers. Mr. Kondrutsky is the winner of the "START" (2009), the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical field, the winner of the contest of innovative projects Forum "Volga-2009" in the nomination "The most ready to implement the project" Youth Innovation Competition semifinalist projects to receive Zworykin Award.

Director General of the Criminal Code "Bioprocess Capital Partners" VA Prostheses, said: "AXION ion exchange materials will significantly increase the competitiveness of most raw materials processing technologies, containing rare metals, reduce the cost of the resulting metal and facilitate the implementation of the concept of sustainable use of natural resources. Thanks to the support from the "Skolkovo" project testing program will be expanded, which will give the opportunity to explore more applications of ion-exchange materials of new generation. "


(Vladimir prostheses lays the "symbolic brick" in "wall" innovation city "Skolkovo", August 2011)

FAQ: ZPIF OR (B) AND "Bioprocess Capital Ventures"

Venture Fund "Bioprocess Capital Ventures", created with capital of JSC "Russian Venture Company" and, under the Criminal Code, "Bioprocess Capital Partners" invests exclusively in innovative projects that create new products and technologies in the field of biotechnology, fine chemicals, and telecommunications. The selection of priority areas for investment due to the competence of the Criminal Code BCP team, which has extensive experience in these areas. Currently, the fund’s assets by seven companies, four of which have already become residents of the cluster of biomedical technologies, and one — a resident of a cluster of nuclear technology innovation center "Skolkovo".

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