The company does not bind brooms, and if it knits brand

To bath broom had all their beneficial properties, it must be properly harvested (in a clean place and at the right time for him to collect), dried and stored.

It’s no secret that the leaves of plants are capable of drawing in the atmosphere are not only useful, but also harmful substances. Poplar, for example, is able to absorb and accumulate even benzene!

Unlike birch oak broom almost does not absorb sweat and rather than softens the skin and seals, discourage excessive sweating. But oak broom is essential for people with oily skin, with skin diseases.

Broom of rowan twigs get flexible, soft, sharp. He is well disinfects the air steam. Volatile substances secreted ash, destructive for Staphylococcus aureus, mold fungus.

Fir broom — a great massage tool for the muscles. These brooms are suitable for people with rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica. Soaring with fir twigs recommended for pain in the spine. It is also very useful in gout.

and many more in the company Veniks

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