The company ECM expanded the range of manufactured equipment machine c record-breaking performance

RUSNANO project company Ltd. "ECM" expanded the range of manufactured equipment machine model ECDM3005-2D, using the synergistic effects of technology ECDM. 

Eroding machine-chemical model of broaching ECDM 3005-2D


Compared with electrochemical machines standard ruler (ET1000/ET3000/ET6000) new machine allows more than 100-fold (from 0.3 mm / min to 30 mm / min) to increase the rate of production of holes in workpieces of high-strength steels and alloys.

In contrast to the well-known foreign counterparts — namely superdreley and drilling machines with ultra high-speed spindles, ECDM technology allows for high performance receiving holes of various cross-sectional shapes without changing the structure of the surface layer, without burrs and sharp edges. One of the important areas of application of the new machine is the production of parts for the aviation industry.

ECDM — Electrochemical Discharge Machining — combined Eroding-chemical method of treatment of metals, based on a parallel and parallel-sequential use for the size of the material destruction of transient electrical discharge in the electrolyte and the anode of the electrochemical dissolution.




December 16, 2010 in Ufa, started production of a new generation of electrochemical tools for precision parts manufacturing of nanostructured materials and nanometric surface structuring. RUSNANO’s investment in the creation of new production will amount to 120 million rubles of the total budget of the project 285 million rubles. Co-investors were venture capital fund "PBT Invect" technology and development team.

At the opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime ministrapravitelstva the Republic of Bashkortostan Yuri Pustovgarov, Managing Director of "PBT-Invest" Dmitry Gimmelberg, RUSNANO Managing Director Konstantin Demetriou. During the ceremony, held a teleconference between Ufa and Moscow, in the course of which RUSNANO CEO Anatoly Chubais congratulated on the opening of the plant.

General director of the project company "ECM", Doctor of Technical Sciences Alexander Zaitsev demonstrated ceremony participants work electrochemical machine that can handle virtually all conductive metals and alloys, including the most solid of them. "Our scientific staff of more than thirty years of experience in the field of electrochemistry, and we are very pleased that our solutions are practical applications. For example, several thousand people in the Republic of Bashkortostan operated microsurgical scalpels, made in health care, "Optimed" using our equipment. In addition to high-tech medicine, we have been successfully working in the aeroengine, instrument and tool areas. And this is only a small fraction of the possible applications of our machines, "- said Alexander Zaitsev.

"The launch of the project in Ufa is a good example of successful commercialization of inventions Russian scientists. In Russia since the Soviet times, there is a great scientific advance in the field of electrochemistry. Today, these developments helped to create a new product which has already proved its competitiveness. The combined properties — such as accuracy, performance, and quality of the surface — our electrochemical machines significantly outperform global counterparts. For example, the processing of titanium blades for aircraft engines in the traditional way takes about half an hour, and our machine can produce more of these blades in a matter of minutes, "- said RUSNANO Managing Director Konstantin Demetriou.

Record video conference with the opening production of electrochemical machines, in which the newly released machine manufactured the first part.


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Part made during a demonstration machine


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