The company Electronmash produced unique equipment for the facilities of the North European Gas Pipeline

In the manufacture of electrical equipment for the compressor station "Sheksninskaya" applied a number of technical innovations that set it apart from other similar equipment.


"Electronmash" together with DOAO "Orgenergogaz" produced two-transformer substation with two emergency inputs on the latest modified blocks BMRZ-M. Blocks of microprocessor relay protection and automation are improved modification of blocks that are already widely used at facilities "Gazprom" and proved to be their best. Modified blocks open up new possibilities in terms of teamwork CLE "gonna" and blocks arc protection system has been optimized data transmission over fiber-optic lines in AEAS. The substation is made with circuit breakers Siemens, with embedded devices for reactive power compensation and a central alarm unit to mimic the substation.

Using the latest equipment and advanced technologies in the construction of compressor stations will help to ensure the smooth running of important objects of the gas transportation system

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