The company ELEKTROZAVOD shipped heavy duty transformer

Rostov NPP

TTS-630000/500 block transformer with a capacity of 630 MVA, referring to the power equipment of the new generation of heavy-duty transformer, shipped to the third unit of Rostov NPP. This unit has been specifically designed and manufactured for JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" at new industrial complex of "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow. Last year the Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" already shipped to unit number 3 of Rostov NPP (Rostov region) large party of power equipment.

Technical parameters, reliability, and operation of new equipment manufactured by JSC "ELEKTROZAVOD", located in the modern world level. Used in its manufacture electrical steel with low specific losses, improved design of the main insulation, which can significantly reduce no-load losses.

Rostov nuclear power plants are located on the shore of the reservoir Tsymlyansk 13.5 km from Volgodonsk. The nuclear plant operates two power units with VVER-1000 with an installed capacity of 1,000 MW. Currently we are building power units № № 3,4.

The industrial complex of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" in Moscow is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment in Russia. Moscow Technological capabilities provide complex manufacturing power transformers up to 630 MVA voltage class up to 750 kV shunt reactors and 300 MVAR voltage class up to 1,150 kV. At the moment on the basis of the complex, a unique industrial site — Factory powerful and heavy duty power transformers and reactors up to 1150 kV voltage.

The new plant powerful and heavy duty power transformers and reactors in Moscow is equipped with modern production equipment of leading world companies. In production introduced progressive and environmentally friendly technologies, many of which have recently begun to apply international manufacturers and have not been used in Russia. The company uses the latest computer control system of the production, from the development of design documentation to shipping and service of outstanding products.

Holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" for many years supplying its transformer and reactor equipment at nuclear power plants in Russia. In the 2001-2011 years. the Rostov, Smolensk, Kalinin, Kola, Novovoronezh nuclear power equipment delivered a total capacity of 2,700 MVA. During 2011-2012, the equipment was delivered to Rostov, Kalinin, Balakovskaya, Leningrad NPP-2, Novovoronezh and Novovoronezh NPP-2.

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