The company FTA has launched a unique series of warm floors Teplolux Profi» with a lifetime warranty

A new series of electric underfloor heating "Teplolux Profi» change traditional perceptions of consumers on the life of heating appliances. "Teplolux  Profi »- the first electric system to ensure comfort of home on the basis of heating cables, which provides a lifetime warranty. The company "Special systems and technologies" embodied in a series of "Teplolux Profi» a number of technological innovations of their own development and know-how. Among them should be highlighted: ultra-thin two-core heating cable with a high mechanical strength, couplings special design, sewing way to secure the cable to the base of the heating mat. The company‘s engineers "Special systems and technologies" have created a product that is in terms of quality and reliability is second to none in Russia. The warranty on a series of "Teplolux Profi» is valid for the product, that is a lifetime. As is known, the electric floor heating is one of the most durable heating systems, the battery is at least 50 years of age.

Series "Teplolux Profi» will be presented by two lines of heating mats ProfiMat, at 120 and 160 W / m2, are calculated on the heating area of 1 to 15 m2, and the ruler of fins ProfiRoll 18 sizes with a capacity range from 160 to 2400 watts. When assembling the sections ProfiRoll increments layout 8.5 cm, the heating capacity of 160 W / m2, and in step 7 cm sostavit200 power W / m2.

A new series of warm floors "Teplolux Profi» is designed for professionals of the construction business, professionals involved in repairing residential and electrical heating systems. Professional product requires special attention to the customers, so buy "Teplolux Profi» will be available in the offices of "FTA" in Russia and the CIS, in a network of company "Salons comfort" and exclusive distributors of underfloor heating, the production of "FTA".

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