The company Galen has developed a new product — a composite grid ROCKMESH

"Galen" brings to the construction market new development — a composite grid ROCKMESH, intended for reinforcement of brick and stone walls, concrete slabs and floors, as well as fencing of roads and railway tracks.

The composite grid is an innovative product that came to replace welded wire mesh. This is one of those rare cases where the application of innovation does not lead to higher prices. The cost of the composite grid is in the same price range with the metal, but due to the higher physical and chemical properties of the composite product grid looks better competitors out of metal.

Developed now Composite mesh ROCKMESH combines all the advantages of the proven success of the composite line "Galen", which is widely used in Russia and abroad for over 12 years. Besides the fact that it is resistant to chemicals, salts and moisture, rods, which are made of mesh, can withstand higher loads in tension, bending, and dug out of the wall. 

On the strength of the composite grid metal analogues exceed 3-4 times. This allows you to save on cutting diameter rebar. For example, a metal wire mesh Bp 1 3 mm can be replaced by a composite rods with a diameter of 2 mm. In addition, acquiring the net ROCKMESH, which is 6 times lighter than steel, the customer wins on the difference in overhead costs associated with the transport, storage and handling.

Among the applications of the composite grid — reinforcement of brick and stone wall construction, concrete elements in the environment of high humidity and under the influence of various aggressive environments (floor coverings, coastal structures, bridges, dams, concrete road surface, etc.), fencing, roads .

Experts note the effectiveness of the composite mesh and as a reinforcement of the outer layer of the concrete slab in the panel construction. Due to the high strength of the composite can achieve reduction of flow concrete by 20%. In addition to this composite reinforcement concrete slab reduces cracking mesh facilitates product itself and increases its thermal efficiency.

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