The company has developed a new airfield PSM electrounits

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The project airfield on the chassis of the electric plant PSM

Civil PSM together with the Swedish company Volvo Pentaespecially for airports Russia has developed a new equipment — air field generating sets. These sources of energy are required for the maintenance of aircraft on the ground. They feed avionics aircraft preparing to take off.


The new development complies with all the conditions of the aviation certificate. As standard, the supply of aircraft, electrical PSM will producecurrent frequency of 400 Hzinstead of the standard 50 Hz. The persistence of the current will provide a special synchronous generator MeccAlte.

The installation will be available in three different versions for power —120, 150, and 185 kW. These are the indicators that are needed to supply one vessel of low, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, respectively.

Electrical power will be the base for diesel engines Volvo Penta, configured to operate as a2000 rpm. In the basic configuration provided the engine block heater Webasto. It will operate the generating sets in the most severe cold. In addition, this technique will get a special sound-absorbing protective covers that will reduce the sound pressure at the airport.

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