The company has shipped KARTEKS IZ-five hundredth excavator EKG-10

 The company IZ-KARTEKS im.P.G.Korobkova, part of OMZ Group, has shipped anniversary, the five hundredth excavator EKG-10.


Operating weight, ECG-10 — 400 tons, bucket capacity — 10 cu. m This is the most popular model in the line of excavators, KARTEKS P.G.Korobkova them. Of all the excavators made now for the years 2000-2011, the share of EKG-10 is 80%.


Issue EKG-10 began in 1984. The first machine ECG-10 was delivered to the cut "Krasnobrodsky" enterprise "Kemerovougol" (now the "KRU"). Today, ECG-10 — the main electromechanical excavator mining industry in Russia and the largest commodity CIS countries — Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. On the basis of EKG-10 is also made modifications to the extended working equipment 8US ECG and EKG-5U.

Jubilee excavator EKG-10 with serial number "500" shipped FROM-KARTEKS im.P.G.Korobkova against Olympiadinskoye Mining, located in the Krasnoyarsk region and included in OAO "Polyus Gold" — Russia’s largest gold mining company.






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