The company Invertis started to use a new method of cleaning

air conditioners

The company "Invertis" engaged in the sale, installation and maintenance of climatic systems of leading manufacturers, has announced to its customers that from 1 February 2013 has adopted an innovative way to secure servicing of air conditioning by steam treatment. The company refuses to chemical treatment of internal nodes conditioner, which is known to lead to frequent failure of devices and detrimental to human health. 
The company "Invertis", the official dealer of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment is present on the market since February 2011. The company has been providing quality services for installation and maintenance of climatic systems and has established itself as a reliable partner. It consists of experienced engineers and technicians who have extensive work experience. They can always be consulted on matters related to the selection of different types of HVAC equipment. The company’s specialists help you select the right model for the air conditioner of any room, be it an apartment, office or shopping center. Proper selection and installation of such equipment are very important because they allow her to avoid breakage and last longer.
As for the service-mounted climate control systems, the company introduced a new way of cleaning air conditioners with a steam treatment will save the customer time and money. This method is very promising, designed to protect the health of people in rooms equipped with climatic systems.
"Our Company" Invertis "in his work aims to use the latest technical developments. That is why cleaning the inside of the air conditioner, we use this innovative method, which is very promising, as improving the quality of cleaning. Now even the old air conditioner can lead to a working state. We expect a huge demand for this service, "- says CEO Nicholas S. Borisov.
Information about the company
The company "Invertis" the official dealer of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment. It is always in stock air conditioners for rooms, offices and shopping centers. The company also provides services to the installed equipment. For more details about the company and can be found on the website

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