The company is LOGIKA GPS tracker

In January 2012, the company released the first batch LOGIKA trackers to monitor vehicles and sales agents.

New GPS GSM tracker six months passed the most severe tests for all operating parameters and performance at the highest level, surpassing all expectations of developers. New GPS GSM Tracker was designed to be able to maximize the scope of information about each stage of the traffic on the route, and thereby improve the quality of programs to automate the process of LOGIKA, such as the management of transport logistics, transport automation, warehouse management, process automation Enterprise, GPS monitoring and vehicle tracking. Components of GPS GSM tracker of LOGIKA GPS modem is in online mode, maintaining constant communication with the satellites GPS, and GSM modem sends the packet data about the vehicle, stops, opening and closing doors, hatches and cranes, cargo temperature, speed, sensor data Fuel level, flow meter and a tachometer to the server storage. The data is then available for viewing and analysis through a web interface or client software Sigma Transport Monitoring of LOGIKA. Tracks and data from the GPS GSM tracker superimposed on the vector map of Ukraine, which is the development of LOGIKA. A notable feature of the new items is that track vehicles during monitoring with the new GPS tracker adaptive. This means that the GPRS traffic, and in the investigation and costs associated with the transfer of data on the movement of the car will be minimal.

Earlier, the company reported a new service:

LOGIKA company has expanded its capabilities — now it offers its clients services in auditing processes of transport logistics.

Audit processes of transport logistics provides an opportunity to assess the state of the transport company on key aspects such as control, mobility, competence, efficiency of customer service.

Comprehensive, unbiased and objective study of our clients helps to learn again the effectiveness of the software LOGIKA, such as the automation of logistics management, vehicle tracking, GPS monitoring, embedded in their business processes to solve tasks or to provide recommendations for effective action plan their decision.

Of particular importance is paid to audit the processes of transport logistics at the initial stage of implementation of the programs LOGIKA in the company. Information obtained through a detailed analysis of the company, helps our engineers to consider specificity and uniqueness of its activities during software installation.

According to the audit specialists prepare a full report on the operation of the automation of logistics and transport monitoring and, if necessary, program optimization of business processes.

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