The company Modern-Expo expands markets

Modern-Expo Group reaffirmed the declared plans of expanding existing markets and began to supply commercial equipment in countries such as Greece and the Republic of Tajikistan. These markets are added to the list of 42 countries where the company «Modern-Expo" supplies commercial equipment.

Expansion of markets is one of the priorities of Modern-Expo Group. The volume of exports in recent years have increased several times. This not only strengthens the position of "Modern-Expo" in the international market of commercial equipment, but also consistent with the primary goal — to become a global supplier of integrated solutions for the objects of trade. 

We invite you to further mutually beneficial cooperation of representatives of the retail trade as Greece and Tajikistan, as well as partners from other countries, because the Modern-Expo Group — one of the leading manufacturers of commercial equipment in Eastern and Central Europe that offers effective solutions for both retail and for other businesses.

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