The company Motor Sich presented in Russian Ukrainian helicopter

The company "Motor Sich" within which opened in Moscow on Europe’s largest helicopter exhibition presented a self-produced helicopter SME-2.

SME-2 is built on the basis of one of the mostHonored helicopters in world history — the Mi-2. However, from the prototype it has a more powerful engine: instead of the traditional power plants GTD-350 are installed modern Ukrainian helicopter more powerful turboshaft gas turbine engines AI-450M, which produces the "Motor Sich". Also, a helicopter fitted modern aeronautical complex. In addition, SME-2 is equipped with new fuel tanks on the external load, which increased the effective volume of cargo cabin, improved ergonomics and passenger cabin to increase the range.

In particular, the range presented in the Moscow machine is 550 kilometers at a maximum speed of 235 km / h and a cruising — 200 km / h. Maximum take-off weight of the new helicopter is 4 tons. Certified Developer of the helicopter company "Motor Sich" received in 2011, and in April 2013 began its testing and preparation for mass production. Certify the helicopter is scheduled to end this year. 

In Moscow, represented by passenger version of the helicopter: it is able to carry up to nine passengers and operated by a single pilot. These helicopters will be used for delivery of goods and passengers to remote and inaccessible locations, as an air taxi for corporate transportation, etc. In addition, Ukrainian engineers have developed several other modifications SME-2 machines for the Emergencies Ministry, the air ambulance, fire fighting, handling selhozposevov. And the military needs to develop a version for SME-2MO: in addition to the usual equipment for the helicopters set two farms arms to place the blocks rockets or cannon universal containers.

The estimated cost of the helicopter SME-2 is 1.5 million dollars. At the same time, according to the "Motor Sich", the total demand of Ukraine in a helicopter of the type of 400-460 vehicles, of which 300 — for the needs of the economy, and 100-160 — for the Emergencies Ministry, Interior Ministry, fire protection, sanitary and border services.

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