The company paints Volga released elastic plaster

The Project Company Ltd. Ulyanovsk nanocenter "VOLGA coatings", the manufacturer of a wide range of innovative and high-quality coatings, has released a "novelty" — an elastic plaster "PARMA".

  • elastic plaster PARMA
  • elastic plaster PARMA

PARMA— Is a polymer-mineral acrylic stucco finish, developed by the technology of ultrasonic grinding diatomite. Designed for decorative embossed finish exterior and interior surfaces of brick, concrete, gypsum (plasterboard, gypsum fiber board, etc.), plaster and primed metal, OSB, wood and other surfaces subject to cracks or composed of separate parts.

PARMA gives the surface roughness of the relief structure is medium-grained with different decorative effects.

The advantages of the material

  • Forms on the surface and inside the buildings protective season elastic layer that provides reliable, durable, non-fading coating for walls with anti-mildew.
  • The material forms a decorative and expressive color coating, the projected service life of which in an open atmosphere of the moderate climate — more than 10 years in the technology of application and operating conditions.

Properties of plaster:

  • Resistance to cracking: when applied to new buildings that are in use shrink material moves along with the design, preventing the formation of cracks
  • The high degree of adhesion to the building and construction materials: the material can be applied to almost any surface without the formation of joint
  • Does not absorb water vapor from the air. The coefficient of water absorption is less than 3%
  • Prevents surface damage, protects against efflorescence
  • Does not contain toxic additives
  • The material is easy to use: a uniformly coat the surface with no bubbles, water stains and other defects in the coating.
  • Does not create an additional burden on constructions.

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